Sunday, 2 December 2012

Ask for it. Then take it.

When was the last time you had a massive belly laugh and couldn't breathe you were giggling so much? Now, let me ask you, did you like it or hate it? My guess is you liked it.. right?! Personally, I love to laugh. I like to say that laughing is my favourite sport, even though technically it's not a sport, however.. you do get quite a good ab workout don't you think? 
But seriously, how GOOD is laughing? Better than just laughing, is JOY. Joy is an internal emotion that wells up from within you. And it's a weapon. It is not dependent on any external situation or circumstance. Joy is supernatural. And it changes everything.
Think about it. When you're cracking up laughing, nothing's bothering you right? Everything is better when you are joyful. So when situations arise that try and overwhelm us, the bible tells us we have fruits of the spirit that are readily available to us. And JOY.. is one of them.
So how do we get this joy? 
We simply ask for it, receive it, and let it flow.
In His Presence, there is fullness of JOY.
So... who would like some joy today?!? Well, just ask for it and then take it. :)

nat x 

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