Thursday, 24 October 2013

Friday Fashionista :: { Black is the new black }

Well black is the new black for this week's Friday Fashionista... Do you often wear black on black? I must admit I haven't worn black a lot lately as I feel navy suits me better, however having said that, nothing beats "all black everything" for a foolproof, classy evening outfit. Here are some inspirations... do you have any of these pieces in your wardrobe?! Whether you wear a lot of black or not, I think every wardrobe simply MUST include a pair of black pointy heels, here are some outfit ideas above and below. Do you own a pair?
With a simple gold statement piece.
Ralph Lauren love.
With some funky sneakers on the streets of Soho.
Black shirt and tie with black suit. Well done Mr Pitt.
Love this jacket.
Add white pointies and a leopard bowler = stunning.
Few snaps of inspiration. Black sunnies = too cool for school.
So many textures here. Fab pants and boots. And love the fur.
'Uncle Jesse' rocking head to toe back. Love the black frames. Classy.
All black with any colour ballet flats = winner outfit.
Attach a little scarf for a pop of colour.
Leather pants and satin top with platform peep toes.
Love this look. Layer upon layer black.
Stockings, big heels, dress and Chanel.
Isn't this pic so relaxed? Studs and bangles and black just works. And I love these tan shoes. So what are you up to this weekend? I'm looking forward to chilling out and catching up with friends after a very busy week! Today's theme "Black is the new black" was requested by two dear friends of mine, girls I hope you love this! If anyone has any fashion requests please let me know... Always happy for suggestions! Anyway, Happy Friday everyone! :)

love nat x

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Encouragement for you.

Hi friends, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for reading my blog, it means the world to me. :) Sometimes it's hard to know who's actually reading, but when I hear from you guys and what you are going through, and how the blog has blessed you, it spurs me on and reminds me of why I stared writing in the first place. So let me encourage you in all you are doing. :) I know it's not easy sometimes, juggling the different things life throws at us, but YOU my friend are doing an amazing job! Sometimes it feels like nothing is getting done and no progress is being made, but let me tell you... you are making progress, you're moving forward and you are growing!
So take a look back at your life this time last year and be encouraged, you are closer to your dreams than ever before and you are going to have a great day today!!

Woo hoo!

nat x

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Monday, 21 October 2013

A thrill of hope, the weary world rejoices.

A very happy Monday to you m'dears! Well, it's currently 64 days until Christmas, (anyone else like me and already excited?) I was reminded yesterday, as the "feeling" came back to me. You know what I mean? That feeling we so know and love, the feeling when Christmas suddenly feels near again; decorations start to appear in the stores, Christmas gift ideas begin to flow through our minds, we start planning little Christmas soirees, and the most important thing of all... we think about celebrating our wonderful Jesus'. It's exciting, it's wonderful, and even though it's still three months away, it brings us a wonderful sense of hope that good things are coming. :)
So what is it, that makes the Christmas season feel so exciting?
Pretty lights?
A sleigh full of presents?
Pretty decorations?
A gorgeous Hamptons pool house?
A beautiful table setting? 
Or maybe pretty fairy wings?
Well, while all these things are beautiful, there is something about Christmas that is far more spectacular, creating excitement, life and light... 
Out of all the Christmas songs, this is my favourite lyric: "A thrill of hope, a weary world rejoices, for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn". What a wonderful truth! I truly believe as we enter this new season that we are going to be filled with a HOPE like never before. And it's not just an "excitement for Christmas", but a long-lasting, deep sense of hope that fills and floods every area of our lives, catapulting us into this next season.
And it begins today. So let us step into this new season of great joy with boldness and excitement!  Have a great day friends :)

love nat x

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Friday, 18 October 2013

Friday Fashionista :: { Rockin' the White Jeans }

Well after a few days of (horrrrid) sickness (ok that's more than enough detail), I'm happy to be almost back in the world of the living. Wahoo. Being in bed for two days just feels sooo weird. I mean you miss two whole days of the world for goodness sake! Anyway I am almost 100% and am just very thankful to be feeling better. How are YOU? How's your week been? :) Well I'm excited about today's post. And... I know, I know, I hear some of you already saying to me "sorry Nat, I don't do white jeans" and okay yes I hear you. I admit (although I have at times said that very statement to myself) I did once own a pair of white jeans. It's true... and, let me tell you when I wore them, I just felt... so cool. (Yep, totally felt like I was about to get onto a boat in the Hamptons). So... can you give me the benefit of the doubt and let me see if I can change your mind on this one?!? Just give me three minutes of scrolling. What d'ya think?! ;) Come on... you know you want to! I mean look at these fab white flairs above for instance?! Paired with a trench and a boho hat and hello! Who couldn't and wouldn't wanna wear those guys? (ps... how fabulous is that photo?! There is just so much to look at - what do you think they are talking about?) Ok now onto our Friday Fashion Parade! First up....
How bout this outfit? I adorrrre! 
Navy and white jacket + spotty top + tan shoes. Very fun.
Fun with a simple grey tank and pointies... what do you think?
Now boys you can't say these outfits aren't fabulous! Girls who's with me?
Now how about this one?
Loose and comfy boyfriend jeans + navy blazer, scarf & pointies.
Or be inspired by Emmanuelle Alt in her fab leopard coat + black booties.
A shirt + some sparkles will always work wonders.
More pics at
Casual work attire for you boys - denim + tan.
Totally casual and comfy. Long grey coat, black turtleneck + camel handbag.
Everyone has a jacket and a scarf right?!
Time to layer up - and if it's hot = lightweight scarf & vest. Easy.
How cools is this guy!? Love his shoes. I'm totally showing this pic to my Dad.
Guys for more inspiration check out
Any colour will work with white. But lemon + grey is especially lovely.
Denim + black pointies. Classy chic.
Grab a patterned top & some shiny shoes and you're set! 
Check out for more pics.
For a casual holiday feel - navy top, sandles + summer hat.
And just chillin' - Grey jacket, white shirt + runners.
And if you still need some inspiration what about something from above?
~ ~ ~
So... what did you think? Was good wasn't it! Now, let's all be brave and try something and then let me know alright! Have a happy weekend won't you :) What have you got planned? My brother is finally in the country after two birthday's away so I am excited celebrate with him and my sis and the rest of the family tonight! And after being too sick to celebrate with my other brother (in-law-but-really-my-brother) on Wednesday, I look forward to partying with him and my sister very soon! I am also praying that the forecast is telling us the truth and that Saturday really will be 25 and Sunday will actually really be 27! Can I get an Amen?! So have a great weekend, and make sure you do something that makes your heart happyyyyyyyy okay! :)

Love Nat x

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Hope advancing.

"Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life". What does this mean for you? Deferred actually means to postpone, delay, hold up and hinder. Ouch. No one likes delays, I mean, who gets excited when you hear your flight has been delayed a few hours?! I don't think so!! So let's look at our our lovely friend the caterpillar below. He's looking pretty miserable, waiting, waiting, waiting, but what might seem like a delay is actually an essential part in preparing and strengthening for his next season. AND... look what happens the very next day... :)
We are always going to be hoping for something. We are created by the God who created the entire universe, so as His kids, of course we are constantly going to be longing and yearning for more. It's in our nature!! But in times when it seems nothing is happening, all the doors are closed and it seems there is no way, guess what...?
Ah, how comforting is that? :) So today, instead of allowing our "hope to defer", let's see it advancing.  Did you know...?
So be encouraged, whatever it is you are going through, whatever you are waiting for, whatever you are believing for, God is shifting things around as you read these very words and He is working things together on your behalf. You are going to have an amazing day today!

love nat x

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