Friday, 29 June 2012

Interior Love :: Hamptons Holiday Home.

{Ok.. here's a treat.. if you love the house on Something's Gotta Give.. you'll love this one..}

{Lovvvve all the different patterns and textures used here..} 

{Stunning.. are you captivated yet..?}
{Imagine a lazy weekend morning.. cooked hot brekky.. freshly roasted coffee and great family time..}{Bedroom by day..}{And by night..}{Movie time..}{The softness of the lamps and flowers is beautiful amidst this sea of dark wood and maroon..}
{Love the navy walls and white skirting boards.. Ideas would definitely flow at that desk..}

Are you blown away? What a stunning home by Portland Interior Designer Garrison Hulliger Interior Design Inc. Don't you just want to load up the car and head up there this weekend?! Lottttts of pics on this blog, but they were all so beautiful don't you think? I just couldn't help adding so many! 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed them.. may you be inspired and filled with joy this weekend. I'm attending a baby shower and a birthday celebration, and of course church on Sunday! What are you up to? 

Have a fun weekend whatever you are doing. :)

nat x 

Woops, I had just planned to walk over to my sister's house but it's just started bucketing down rain! Lol.. I guess I'll be driving now.. :)

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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Good things are coming.

{This outfit makes me think:- "tropical-island-holiday-out-for-a-lunch-at-a-fabulous-restaurant-on-a-hot-day-out-on-the-deck-overlooking-the-water." Let's go now.
{Hot pink just makes me happy..}
{Coral, aqua, gold and blue .. these guys are great friends. 
And love the pop of lime on the necklace. Divine.}

{Doesn't every girl just need a pair of pale aqua pumps}

I know I know we still have quite a while until the weather gets warmer.. BUT.. I can't help but have a teeny weeny yippee! on the inside of me because all the pretty pastels are making their way into the stores. Yay. So it's all very exciting. Walking along Chapel Street the other day.. my heart was just popping as I walked into every store. The sea of blacks and greys have been infiltrated with beautiful, bright and lovely new friends. :) 

Not that we don't want to embrace and be thankful for this season we are in now, because I do believe in that.. but at the same time it's so fun looking forward to what's ahead isn't it? When things or circumstances have been the same for so long.. it can be hard to imagine they will ever change. But they will. :) I was thinking this morning, well, I can't see Summer right now, but I know it's coming. And that's faith isn't it. The absolute confidence and assurance that what we hope for will come about.. the unshakable certainty that what we cannot see, actually exists.

Happy day lovelies.. what bright and pretty things are you spotting at the moment?  :)

nat x

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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Time to sparkle.

I know a few people who are facing storms at the moment. Maybe you are facing a few storms yourself. I don't know if you have noticed, but there are lots of things in this world that are constantly trying to bring us down. It's like we get to a place where we've finally climbed out of the valley, and then we fall into another ditch. When things happen that shake us up, it can be a battle to rise above and keep believing. 

But we are not alone. Whether you believe in God or not, His arm is not too short to save, and His ear is not too deaf to hear. There is no storm fierce enough, no ocean too deep enough, no darkness dark enough.. He hears your every prayer, no matter how small, and He is waiting to bring you strength and joy this very moment. :)

Good things are coming your way today!

nat x

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Winter colour prettiness.

{How pretty are these shoes! Love the magenta with the teal green..}
{Mmm.. turquoise + gold = :) }

{Even though it is technically not a colour.. I would still like this hat pretty please..}
{Peach just makes me very happy..}

Congratulations Southern Hemisphere.. we are almost 1/3 of our way through Winter.. yippee! And in this 'cold-but-not-really-that-cold-compared-to-other-places-in-the-world' weather.. I have found myself longing for colour. :) 

Today I am wearing red jeans (might post the outfit tmrw he he..) and as soon as I put them on I felt brighter. The sun is out today which is lovely and reminds me hope is here.

I'm off to Chapel Street to meet a friend from America this afternoon.. so I might pretend I am a tourist with her! Do you ever do that? I find when I play this little game it gives me fresh eyes, and a real appreciation for the amazing things around me that I often take for granted. :)

Have a fab day!

nat x

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Monday, 25 June 2012

Interior Love :: Chicago Private Loft Residence

{Fresh white posies frame this vignette perfectly. Stunning wallpaper..}{How gorgeous is this little reading nook..}
{The soft purple of these flowers and olive green leaves just pop amidst this stunning sea of champagne and black. I'm loving that chandelier too..} {Chaise envy..}{Love this rooftop terrace.. imagine a Summer evening relaxing here. Divine}

How incredible is this Private Loft Residence in Chicago, designed by James Thomas Interiors. I love how the neutral colour palate is so welcoming, instantly bringing a feeling of rest and relaxation. And how cute are those three little birds perched up there on the left shelf.. 

What's your favourite part of this home?

nat x

Images - James Thomas Interiors

At the end of the day.

I was thinking about that saying "at the end of the day". We've all probably said it a thousand times..  at the end of the day, it's going to be fine.. at the end of the day, it will sort itself out. I took this image at Parkdale Beach the other day, and I'm just remembering how beautiful that sunset was. The whole day was not really very nice at all, but the end of the day.. well that was a different story entirely. 

At the end of the day.. that's when the sun pushed her way through the thin layers of fairy floss clouds. At the end of the day.. the sea and it's surroundings changed their appearance as they welcomed their bright and faithful friend. And at the end of the day.. sunlight appeared majestically and suddenly, humbly taking up the entire sky with beauty, and reassuring everybody that although many things in life are not constant.. some things are.

Even though we know at the end of the day everything will be ok.. it can be hard to fully receive that truth at times. One of the most beautiful passages in the bible reminds us that we don't have to be in control.. because someone Else is..

Be still and know I am God.

The same One who created the beginning and the end of each and every day.. is watching over you today. So don't forget your promises.. they are just like the sun. Often we can't see it all day long and then suddenly it appears, surprising us with it's brilliance and beauty, captivating us once again.

nat x

Image - Natalie Box (I have fiiiinally worked out how to connect my camera to my laptop, so hopefully the standard of photos will be slightly higher from now on...!)

Dreaming of :: Provence.

Wouldn't a nice little vacation to Provence be just lovely right about now? 

Happy Monday.. :)

nat x

Images - 1. Lavender 2. Blue Door  3. Kitchen 4. Bedroom.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Gifts oozing prettiness.

This morning as I was packing my bags and preparing for a busy and exciting few days out and about, creative thoughts began flowing about what I would write today. I find that even if I don't have the idea yet, when I sit down, open everything up and get ready to start typing.. the ideas usually begin to flow. Sometimes taking that step of faith, even when we don't see what's coming next, actually becomes the inspiration we need to move forward. ;)

I began typing and glanced down at the things around me.. each one just oozing prettiness. I smiled. Every piece of jewellery, the cute Eiffel Tower paper clip, the teapot (and the tea inside), even the laptop.. were all gifts from beautiful and generous friends. Again today, I am stirred to continue cultivating this atmosphere of thankfulness.. because if we really look around, there is heaps to be thankful for!

Here are some of the blogs I am loving at the moment..

What are your favourites?

nat x

Image - Natalie Box

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Today I am thankful for...

Thankful For :: Rain.
I know we may not be in Paris, but I am thankful for the rain today. :)

Thankful For :: Colour in the midst of grey.
I found this little petal on the ground walking my niece to school yesterday morning. I love it's bold colour, strikingly beautiful against the bleak grey concrete. And I love how it was just laying there, unaware of just how beautiful it was and how much of a difference it was making to it's dreary surroundings. Let us be aware that we actually do this! Today we have been given the opportunity to bring beauty and light and truth into every situation we face.

Thankful For :: Family
This is my amazing Grandma, Beryl. She means the world to me and I adore her. She is full of wisdom, grace and she loves God with all her heart. I treasure our little catch ups, like this one we had just this morning. :)

Thankful For :: 
Beautiful books.
Books are timeless carriers of beauty. A five minute stroll through a bookstore is like being swept off your feet and taken into an ageless fairytale land of stories, adventures and beauty; where between each cover, of each book, on each shelf, from floor to ceiling.. are pages and pages filled with words written in love and with purpose. I just love thinking about the millions upon millions of hours of creativity that have been stirred up and poured out into the books that fill just one bookstore. Stunning.

Thankful For :: This little princess.
My niece Emily brings me so much joy. I am so proud of her. She is the most beautiful, strong, generous, creative, loving, kind-hearted little girl I've ever known, and I am so excited to see the incredible plan for her life unfold.

Thankful For :: Beauty in a pot.
This is my Grandma's plant. She loves everything pink. It's perched on her little outdoor table so she can look at it everyday through her window.

Thankful For :: Freedom purchased for me here.

Tell me.. what are you thankful for? :)

nat x

All images - Natalie Box apart from Paris in the Rain image

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