Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Lost in joy.

{Sunset ~ Great Ocean Road}

Sometimes I think it's easy to have faith. It's like, everything in life is flowing along nicely, no real dramas, work is going well, family is going great, the holiday is booked, the savings account is growing nicely, and we just feel.. on top of everything! Then there are other times when it feels like the wind has been knocked out of us, the rug has been pulled out from underneath us and we find ourselves out on a ledge. Things of stability we used to count on are no longer there. People we used to depend on are no longer around us. It's at this moment our faith is truly tested and suddenly at the core of our very being we are asked the question.. What do I really believe?

Lately I have been challenged in my faith. I could list a whole lot of areas I am feeling tested in, but I am finding that no matter what they are, my defense needs to be the same.  No matter what I am facing, no matter what I am feeling.. He is my strength and shield. I trust Him with all my heart. He always helps me and my heart is filled with joy. He carries me like a good Shepherd. Looking up changes everything!

I love this picture below. Cute little feet in the sand.

{Precious little feet ~ Lorne front beach}

Even when we might feel lost.. we must remember that we're not. :) When cloudiness and confusion come in and try to fog up our glasses, we can't look at our circumstances and go by our feelings. The plans for our life have been written and they are good! Let us instead be lost in joy. Just like a child lost playing in a big garden, (who's mother, by the way, might very well be frrreaking out because she can't find him!!) The child might be 'lost' by the world's definition of the word, but he is filled with joy, amazement and wonder.. looking at new things and exploring unchartered territory. 

{Joy in waiting ~ Carlton Gardens}

There is nothing to fear.  Our prayers have been heard and we are being carried today. This is going to be a great day. :)

nat x

Images - Natalie Box

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