Monday, 25 June 2012

At the end of the day.

I was thinking about that saying "at the end of the day". We've all probably said it a thousand times..  at the end of the day, it's going to be fine.. at the end of the day, it will sort itself out. I took this image at Parkdale Beach the other day, and I'm just remembering how beautiful that sunset was. The whole day was not really very nice at all, but the end of the day.. well that was a different story entirely. 

At the end of the day.. that's when the sun pushed her way through the thin layers of fairy floss clouds. At the end of the day.. the sea and it's surroundings changed their appearance as they welcomed their bright and faithful friend. And at the end of the day.. sunlight appeared majestically and suddenly, humbly taking up the entire sky with beauty, and reassuring everybody that although many things in life are not constant.. some things are.

Even though we know at the end of the day everything will be ok.. it can be hard to fully receive that truth at times. One of the most beautiful passages in the bible reminds us that we don't have to be in control.. because someone Else is..

Be still and know I am God.

The same One who created the beginning and the end of each and every day.. is watching over you today. So don't forget your promises.. they are just like the sun. Often we can't see it all day long and then suddenly it appears, surprising us with it's brilliance and beauty, captivating us once again.

nat x

Image - Natalie Box (I have fiiiinally worked out how to connect my camera to my laptop, so hopefully the standard of photos will be slightly higher from now on...!)

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