Friday, 8 June 2012

Vintage Treasures.

Yesterday afternoon the plan was to take my laptop to Spare Room in Hampton Street, and do some writing. However, my fabulous plan was not to be. It appeared I was all but too late.. they close at 4:30pm. Must remember that next time. Anyway, since I was in the area, I decided to pop into a few vintage stores and have a little sneaky peek. 

One thing I've noticed lately, (I guess I have always done this but I have only just become aware of it this week). Anyway.. when I walk into vintage stores, I immediately become super quiet (like I have walked into a library or something), and I automatically walk at a much slower pace than normal. Now, what is that about?! But, it's not just me I've discovered. I look around and everyone else is the doing the same thing. Do you know what I am talking about? It's like you come off the street, from the hustle and bustle and noise, and immediately, there it is.. ahhh.. you have entered into the lovely, relaxed, happy, vintage land of treasures.. and all of a sudden you're struck with that internal challenge we all know and love.. to find the gold, hidden amongst all the stuff.

And so the game begins. 

The first thing I stumbled upon was the lovely My Fair Lady record you can see above. I spotted it on the shelf amidst a sea of other LPs, and as I held it I imagined it's owner, purchasing it brand new in 1965 when it was first released. How many ears have listened to it over the years? Where did they play it? At decadent dinner parties I'm sure.. Well, at least I'd like to think so..

Here are some of the other treasures I found..

 Three little old friends, sitting in a row.
Lovely lace. I wonder who crocheted this tablecloth. And how many tea cups and cake stands it has displayed in it's lifetime.

Imagine being one of the ladies in those carriages.. and going to work in one each day. Yes please.

And these pretty little friends I found perched on a stool in Page 8.. a very cute Hampton Street book store my friend Taryn introduced me to a few months back.

History is a powerful thing. It gives credibility and integrity. It opens our minds to all sorts of possibilities. As we look back into the pages of history, new things are awakened in us for today. We begin to see these historical pieces now forming part of the bigger jigsaw puzzle of eternity. I think of all the battles that have been fought and won since the beginning of creation, many of which are told in the bible. 

As we remember and focus on all these pioneers who blazed the way before us, all the men and women of the past, these veterans cheering us on, hope is stirred in us. And suddenly, we are reminded.. if they can do it.. imagine what we can achieve today. 

Happy Friday!

nat x

Images - Natalie Box

PS - I stopped in at the gorgeous French Antique market this afternoon on the Mornington Peninsula.. stay tuned will post some pics tomorrow..

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