Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Extravagant beauty.

Schönbrunn Palace - (aka Schloß Schönbrunn for the German speakers) is an extravagant display of beauty, decadence and sheer elegance. Located in Vienna, Austria.. Schönbrunn Palace is something you simply must see for yourself. (This is me above.. clearly in my element.. surrounded with so much beauty I couldn't contain myself!)

Schönbrunn means 'beautiful spring'. From the very first glance this palace is breathtaking, captivating you with it's overwhelming magnitude and sophisticated style. As you enter each exquisitely decorated ballroom, dining room and reception room, you're taken on a journey back in time. A sensory explosion, the continual and ever increasing beauty is almost hard to fathom.

Vienna is home to many palaces.. Palais Albertina, Schloss Belvedere, Hofburg, Hermesvillia, Schloss Wilhelminberg and of course Schönbrunn.

This is extravagant beauty.

Stunningly beautiful.. We are surrounded by so many things of beauty every day. And as I reflected upon this, I began to think about the things man has created to be beautiful. Don't get me wrong, these palaces and rooms are stunning, but there is a different kind of beauty that comes from the things that we, as humans, could never create. :)

He stretches out the northern skies over empty space. He hangs the earth on nothing.

Absolute extravagance.

Sometimes I think.. in all these places, it seems the beauty is wasted if no one is there enjoying it.. what if no one sees it.. isn't it too much? But I think when you are creative, it's the process of creating that is so enjoyable. And of course, when you are creating something with someone else in mind, extravagance is what you are going for. And I think then the end result is even more beautiful.

Tell me.. where have you been in the world that has totally captivated you?!

Have a fab day!

nat x

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