Thursday, 28 June 2012

Good things are coming.

{This outfit makes me think:- "tropical-island-holiday-out-for-a-lunch-at-a-fabulous-restaurant-on-a-hot-day-out-on-the-deck-overlooking-the-water." Let's go now.
{Hot pink just makes me happy..}
{Coral, aqua, gold and blue .. these guys are great friends. 
And love the pop of lime on the necklace. Divine.}

{Doesn't every girl just need a pair of pale aqua pumps}

I know I know we still have quite a while until the weather gets warmer.. BUT.. I can't help but have a teeny weeny yippee! on the inside of me because all the pretty pastels are making their way into the stores. Yay. So it's all very exciting. Walking along Chapel Street the other day.. my heart was just popping as I walked into every store. The sea of blacks and greys have been infiltrated with beautiful, bright and lovely new friends. :) 

Not that we don't want to embrace and be thankful for this season we are in now, because I do believe in that.. but at the same time it's so fun looking forward to what's ahead isn't it? When things or circumstances have been the same for so long.. it can be hard to imagine they will ever change. But they will. :) I was thinking this morning, well, I can't see Summer right now, but I know it's coming. And that's faith isn't it. The absolute confidence and assurance that what we hope for will come about.. the unshakable certainty that what we cannot see, actually exists.

Happy day lovelies.. what bright and pretty things are you spotting at the moment?  :)

nat x

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  1. I love those pictures! (That skirt is amazing!!!) Bring on summer and spring and the color of it all!!


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