Friday, 18 October 2013

Friday Fashionista :: { Rockin' the White Jeans }

Well after a few days of (horrrrid) sickness (ok that's more than enough detail), I'm happy to be almost back in the world of the living. Wahoo. Being in bed for two days just feels sooo weird. I mean you miss two whole days of the world for goodness sake! Anyway I am almost 100% and am just very thankful to be feeling better. How are YOU? How's your week been? :) Well I'm excited about today's post. And... I know, I know, I hear some of you already saying to me "sorry Nat, I don't do white jeans" and okay yes I hear you. I admit (although I have at times said that very statement to myself) I did once own a pair of white jeans. It's true... and, let me tell you when I wore them, I just felt... so cool. (Yep, totally felt like I was about to get onto a boat in the Hamptons). So... can you give me the benefit of the doubt and let me see if I can change your mind on this one?!? Just give me three minutes of scrolling. What d'ya think?! ;) Come on... you know you want to! I mean look at these fab white flairs above for instance?! Paired with a trench and a boho hat and hello! Who couldn't and wouldn't wanna wear those guys? (ps... how fabulous is that photo?! There is just so much to look at - what do you think they are talking about?) Ok now onto our Friday Fashion Parade! First up....
How bout this outfit? I adorrrre! 
Navy and white jacket + spotty top + tan shoes. Very fun.
Fun with a simple grey tank and pointies... what do you think?
Now boys you can't say these outfits aren't fabulous! Girls who's with me?
Now how about this one?
Loose and comfy boyfriend jeans + navy blazer, scarf & pointies.
Or be inspired by Emmanuelle Alt in her fab leopard coat + black booties.
A shirt + some sparkles will always work wonders.
More pics at
Casual work attire for you boys - denim + tan.
Totally casual and comfy. Long grey coat, black turtleneck + camel handbag.
Everyone has a jacket and a scarf right?!
Time to layer up - and if it's hot = lightweight scarf & vest. Easy.
How cools is this guy!? Love his shoes. I'm totally showing this pic to my Dad.
Guys for more inspiration check out
Any colour will work with white. But lemon + grey is especially lovely.
Denim + black pointies. Classy chic.
Grab a patterned top & some shiny shoes and you're set! 
Check out for more pics.
For a casual holiday feel - navy top, sandles + summer hat.
And just chillin' - Grey jacket, white shirt + runners.
And if you still need some inspiration what about something from above?
~ ~ ~
So... what did you think? Was good wasn't it! Now, let's all be brave and try something and then let me know alright! Have a happy weekend won't you :) What have you got planned? My brother is finally in the country after two birthday's away so I am excited celebrate with him and my sis and the rest of the family tonight! And after being too sick to celebrate with my other brother (in-law-but-really-my-brother) on Wednesday, I look forward to partying with him and my sister very soon! I am also praying that the forecast is telling us the truth and that Saturday really will be 25 and Sunday will actually really be 27! Can I get an Amen?! So have a great weekend, and make sure you do something that makes your heart happyyyyyyyy okay! :)

Love Nat x

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  1. Great inspiration! Especially love that leopard coat!xx


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