Friday, 4 October 2013

Friday Fashionista :: { Baby Blue Jeans }

Hi my lovely friends, happy Friday :) How's your week been? Wasn't it just the best seeing sunshine yesterday arvo? I was totally lapping it up, you should have seen me, searching the house for sunshine and plonking myself wherever it was streaming in. Ha ha... I am my grandmother's daughter :) She lovessss sitting in the sun and chases it, moving her chair wherever it goes. How cute is that! Speaking of cute (how's that for a smooth segue...?) how hot is this outfit above?! Today's Friday Fashionista is dedicated to a very good friend of mine who requested Jeans as today's feature. So here we go! Now I figured there are so many fabulous styles, colours, cuts and shapes out there, so I've narrowed it down, and today we're looking at The Blue Jean. Enjoy ;) xx
Ah Elle, such a style queen. Love the grey with faded denim.
Ahem... yes that's right ladies and gents, flares are back.
Different shades of  faded denim.
This whole outfit just makes me feel totally relaxed.
Love the pops of red with this camel jacket and bag.   
Excuse me? This leopard outfit. Wow.
The fabulous Emmanuelle Alt just oozing style. 
Olivia Palermo and the Brooklyn Bridge.
Red shirt + leopard shoe + boyfriend jeans
And let's be honest, a New York taxi just makes everything better. 
Now guys, here's a complete outfit for you. What do you think?
Ashley Tisdale rocking  'The Celfie' top. (Order your tee at
 Simplicity at it's best. Blue jeans + top and Oliva, those shoes!
One of the reasons denim became popular. The one and only, James Dean.
Nautical and fun. Denim + tan + stripey top. A winner every time.
And to finish off, this outfit... is just fabulous! 

Have the best weekend ever friends... what have you got planned? I'm hanging with a very dear friend tomorrow night... will probably go to brunch Sat morning... and on Saturday arvo I'm planning on going to the market and stocking up on fruit, veggies as well as lots of other healthy and delicious treats! Yum. How fun.

Bless you lots and have an amazing day. 

nat x

PS: Hey, if you guys have any good healthy recipe websites please, I'd love to hear about them! 
Let me know on here or my Instagram.

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