Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Be brave.

Would you consider yourself brave? For example - this morning - when you woke up, how brave did you feel? Did you mentally acknowledge, "Ok, it's important I'm super brave today!?" Or did you just kind of go about your day not really thinking about your need to be brave? Well speaking of brave, this little guy looks like he knows a thing or two about about it... ;)
Bravery shifts atmospheres. It's related to hope, and "hope never disappoints." So if you're worried about something, wondering how something is going to happen, scared to step out with a leap of faith, or just feel a bit overwhelmed with lots of crazy thoughts buzzing around your mind, I think you need to do something. You, my friend, need to take a deep breath, and you need to just...
What an encouragement we don't have to be brave on our own. Jesus stands beside us holding our hands and cheering us on. So why does he want us to be brave? Perhaps it's so we can stand in faith to believe our miracles WILL come to pass?! Or maybe it's so we can ignore fear, and run out of our comfort zones, taking massive life-changing leaps.
We have NOTHING to fear. 
Cos you know why? He promises us...
And you know what else?
That's right it's time to be brave and fly!
And just remember...
I believe in you!!! 
JUST GO FOR IT!! So. Your challenge for today, should you accept it is:

*** Step out and take a substantial risk that is attached to your dreams. ***

Cos there is nothing to lose, nothing to fear and everything to gain!
Jump in!
Happy Tuesday friends... You are going to have the most amazing day! Today is a new day, and there are blessings and surprise awaiting you. Please let me know if you need some encouragement as you stir up courage and boldness and chase your dreams!!

love nat xo

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