Sunday, 17 August 2014

Beauty where you least expect it.

Aloha from Alaska my friends!! It's been so so long and I have missed you SO much!! How are you? This is me in Haines the other day... it's such a pretty little town on the top of Alaska's Inside Passage (just north of Sitka, for those who have watched The Proposal... it's totally like that!) Anyway, I hope this blog finds you well, I have been thinking of you guys lots over the past two weeks :):)

It was actually a few weeks ago in Anchorage that I got the inspiration for this little post, so I pray the timing is right for you and that you are encouraged! :) After a gorgeous walk along the coast path in Anchorage (it was sooo sunny and pretty walking along past all the beautiful wildflowers and overlooking the water), I was on my way home and I took a little shortcut. I had been feeling a bit discouraged about a few things that day and I asked The Lord to speak to me, I often do that just to hear what he is saying about things. Then as I walked up an alley way, I saw the back of this old building. 

Pretty ugly and boring right? But then something stood out to me. There amidst the piles of rubbish and weeds growing, stood one lone flower. It was as if it was standing there with such purpose, determined to bring beauty to it's boring surroundings no matter what it took. How pretty is it?!

Immediately as I held this little source of life, surrounded by such an ugly scene, I heard God whisper to me. :) 

"Nat, wrapped up inside every season, every discouragement, 
there is always something beautiful". 

Right away my heart was encouraged and I began to see differently. Do you ever find this happens to you too? Life happens, things are messy, you look at a scene in your life from afar, and all you can see is the rubbish, the junk, and everything just looks ugly. Well, God's promise is that "He has made everything beautiful in it's time", which means in all seasons, good or bad, there is something beautiful to be thankful for. 
It was only after my eyes were opened that I noticed the flower. When we look for it, beauty is always, always waiting to be seen. After I'd admired this pretty little thing, I stood back and looked at the same scene again, but with new eyes. Everything looked so different and this time.
So let me encourage you, always be expecting beauty. Stop and look around you this week because I guarantee wherever you go it's already there, waiting to be found by you.

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Sending love from Alaska... have an awesome week!

Nat xoxo

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  1. Nat I love this so much. Trust you to find the beauty in something that looked so ordinary. It makes you rethink how you view everything, and reminds us that if you look for long enough, or close enough, you will find the beauty in it. I so appreciate these blogs - miss you x


Thanks for your comments. I pray you are encouraged and blessed! Please keep in touch :)

Nat xx

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