Friday, 7 September 2012

Spring rain.

Yesterday the city of Melbourne proudly stood up to it's world renowned reputation of "4 seasons in 1 day". Beginning with a few sprinkles, the warm morning air soon got warmer. By lunchtime the sun boldly began spreading it's rays through the clouds (reminding us that Winter is definitely over... and Spring is here!) and by evening it was bucketing down. Hilarious!
I don't know about you, but for some reason Spring rain doesn't seem to be as bad as Winter rain. Do you know what I mean? Rain is usually synonymous with Winter, dark skies, freezing air, rugging up, staying indoors etc. So, my philosophy is, when rain comes at a different time (ie/ Spring), it doesn't seem as bad. Why is this? Because when our eyes are so fixed on the good things, we're not bothered by things that might have affected us before. :) 

What do you think? I mean, even though we've only technically been in Spring for 6 days, I just feel like that my joy and expectation are leading me in this incredible new season. So despite the rain.. and any other circumstances I might be facing, it's all good!

When the King smiles, there is life; His favour refreshes like a spring rain.
We are IN a new season. We're not waiting for it any longer, it's here! So look up today, lift your eyes and let joy and expectancy lead you.

Have a great weekend everyone!

nat x

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  1. Amen to that! It is a NEW season!! Rom8 ;) x

  2. YES!! A new season!! I love that.


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Nat xx

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