Tuesday, 6 November 2012

I've got a secret to tell you.

I've got a secret to tell you! Remember when we were little and how much we loved hearing those words? Whether it was from our parents, friends or even our teacher.. these words always meant something good was coming our way.

How do you spend the first half hour of your morning? Hanging out with God as soon as we wake up is refreshing. It changes our perspective and prepares us for the day. He's got so many wonderful things to tell us!! 
Spending time in God's presence realigns us and elevates our thinking, and it's from this place we operate from a wonderful place of joy. How many times have you woken up feeling a little flat? (We all have right?!) Well right there in that moment, we have a decision to make: are we going to continue in that state of "woe is me", focusing on all the situations around us? Orrrrrrrr, are we going to choose to lift our eyes and put our joy on?
This guy begins his days with singing! Joy is released when we sing. In His Presence there is fullness of joy. So let us remember not to rush into our day without purposely shifting our focus heavenward and listening for His still small voice. Have a listen right now... He's got a secret to tell you...

Happy Wednesday!

love nat x

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  1. Your messages really do light up my work email inbox! Thank you for your amazing and TRUE words! Spending time with our awesome God gets our life into perspective and he is so excited to tell us new things!!! Thank you Nat, you are a God send! xx


Thanks for your comments. I pray you are encouraged and blessed! Please keep in touch :)

Nat xx

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