Thursday, 22 November 2012

Today I am thankful for...

I actually wrote this blog at the beginning of the week, but I'm only just posting it now. And what a coincidence, it's Thanksgiving today! (In America..) Anyway... I'm reading a book at the moment that I have read before, but I felt to start reading it again. It's an incredible story of courage and boldness. It's called The Heavenly Man. It tells the remarkable tale of Brother Yun, a inspiring and beautiful man who endured the unthinkable - imprisoned and tortured for almost thirty years as he stood for his faith. Reading the story of this wonderful man has caused me, among other things, to look at my own life and recognise the many blessings I have right in front of me. The first being the incredible privilege I have to read the Word of God freely in this country, without persecution or danger.
I'm also thankful for sunshine. :) Aren't you soooo thankful you're free to walk outside and look at the sky whenever you want to? How incredible it is that we have the freedom to do this.
I'm thankful that where I live is safe.. and I am able to walk through the streets of my neighbourhood without fear. 

I'm thankful for grass! Now... this might sound like a silly thing to be thankful for, but if you have lived in Hong Kong like me, you will know that grass is a "highly sought after commodity"! So much so that the tiny, manicured patches of grass throughout the city are fenced off and guarded by secret service agents! (Well maybe not, but there are security guards protecting every piece of lawn and watching like hawks to see if anyone dares to walk on it!) Honestly, it's crazy! I was sitting at the top of IFC Mall, overlooking HK Harbour, and my feet were touching a tiny patch of grass..... within 30 seconds of me doing this I was approached by a security guard and asked to move off the grass!! Ha! So... now you can see why I am thankful for grass here in Australia.
I'm thankful that I live near the beach. It's just ten minutes from my house and I really love being able to jump in the car and be there so quickly. How good is a walk along the foreshore or to lay on a towel with a fabulous book?

So today, here is my challenge for us all...
So let me know what you see.. and what you are thankful for.

Happy Friday friends :)

nat x

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