Tuesday, 11 June 2013

5 Minute Vacation { New York City }

Happy New York Tuesday! I just thought it was the kind of day to go to New York, wouldn't you agree? My little niece broke her leg (poor poppet!) on the weekend, so, I think today's post can be dedicated to my champion sister, who most definitely deserves a "Mother of the Year" trophy after her stellar performance as a superstar-mummy this weekend! Have you or your little ones ever had a broken leg? Any tips or helpful hints to get a ten year old through 8 weeks in a cast? Anyway, lets all go to NY today. First stop.. let's grab a coffee and stroll through Madison Square Park, as the Flatiron peers over our shoulders. ;)
And we're not just going to cross the Brooklyn Bridge.. check out this incredible post from A Cup of Jo, where Joanna Goddard shares 10 Amazing Things To Do in NYC (not your typical touristy things!) Having been to NY twice, her guide was a breath of fresh air and I am looking forward to doing some of these things when I am there!
Now this apartment above {how STUNNING!} is featured on Depth of the Interior, you can check out more photos here!
We'll poke around here in search of some vintage gems at 'The Upper Rust' in the East Village.
Then stay a few nights here in St Mark's Place.
Then we'll head up to this penthouse rooftop for a bit of rest and relaxation.
Before wandering to the glorious Ladies Pavillion in Central Park.
Perfect for a rest stop. Stunning!
Finished by a delectable dinner here  at the Gramercy Park Hotel.
And just lastly, in my opinion, The Chrysler Building is the prettiest in New York City. Just  look at how she just glimmers and glows, her spire piercing the evening sky above.

Anyway, tell me, do you have a "best kept secret", like these fab NYC ones? Please share! And happy Tuesday ;)

nat x


  1. Great information! I'm heading to NYC in a few months to visit a friend that has moved there for a job. Do you have any suggestions as to some can't miss places to visit? Also; my family wants me to bring back some of the famous New York souvenirs for them; what are your favorite souvenirs?

    1. Hi James,

      My suggestion would be if you have not been there before, perhaps pick 1 or 2 sights you would love to see ie/ Top of the Rock (rather than Empire State) and Statue of Liberty (brilliant views!) and then spend time wandering through the streets of SoHo, East Village, Greenwich Village. I'd also go to the Met and the MoMa.


  2. Thanks Natty, I cried when I read this, this morning. Emmy is the real hero and is so brave and determined!! From Catty

    Thank you even more Natty for my dedication, and yes if anyone has some tips for heaving around an eight - ten kilo cast pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeeeee tell me that would be much apreciated thank you!!!!
    From Emmy!!

    1. Aw you guys!!! I will write a blog post on your up and coming business idea okay!

      Sleep well Emmy!



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