Wednesday, 5 June 2013

New strength today.

Hi friends happy Wednesday :) Sorry I have been a little bit MIA over the past few days! I've been busy moving house, moving furniture into storage, sorting out clothes for my trip, cleaning my old house.. (and for those who have done that before, would totally agree it is not fun!!) Anyway, suffice to say my little eyes are slightly swollen, just a tad puffy, and my body is cheekily whispering to me "ummmm.. excuse me.. just wondering when we're going to rest?" :)
Of course resting is essential (and I will be doing that believe me), but while "lying down" or "sleeping in" may give you some rest, it doesn't take away your weariness and give you new strength. No. There is only One who can do this, only One who can lead us into this kind of supernatural exchange...
What season of life are you in at the moment? Do you need extra strength today? Well good news! The creator of the entire universe, the One who knit you together in your mother's womb and knows every secret desire and dream of your heart, (even that one you thought of just when you read that!) is there with you right now, wherever it is you are reading this post.. and guess what...? He has NEW strength for you today.
It says in the bible that those who wait upon the Lord, their strength will be renewed. 
.... And so our job is to wait expectantly. :)
And receive His joy. :)
So my challenge to us today, is to wait. To steal a few moments and just wait on Him.
Because He is true to His word and He will bring strength. 
Today is going to be a great day! Our Dad in heaven loves us so much and has wonderful surprises in store for us. Tell me, what are YOU expecting to happen to you today?

nat xx

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