Thursday, 11 July 2013

That still small voice.

Hi my friends! Sending you greetings from Canada! By the time you are reading this I will most probably be in the seaside town of Prince Rupert, on the north western coast of British Columbia. :) This might sound funny, but I miss you all!!! It seems like an eternity since I have written.. although I think it's just been a little over a week ha! So I am busting to know.. how are you all doing? I have really missed writing the blog and you've been on my heart this week. So after I got all my work done tonight, I just had to write. :) The above pic (stunning hey!) is Maligne Lake, I was there yesterday morning and it almost took my breath away when I first saw it. And below is Spirit Island, we took a cruise on the lake to get there. Isn't it divine?
So for those who don't know, I'm currently one week into a four week tour with Spectrum Holidays, travelling all around Canada and Alaska with an amazing bunch of people. What a blessing. Seriously, God's word is so true when He promises "superabundantly far over and above all we dare ask or think". We have travelled far and wide in just over a week. I began in San Francisco.. this me sneakily sitting on one of the steps of the Painted Ladies!
Then I met the team in stunning Vancouver, staying on the waterfront and eating delish Japanese BBQ and meandering around Granville Island Market.
Before heading off on the divine Rocky Mountaineer for two days..
We stopped off for a night in Kamloops, where I grabbed some delicious sushi and headed down to the waterfront.. before jumping back on the Rocky Mountaineer to BanffAnyway, I will leave the trip in Banff for the moment, and write the rest of the journey in the coming days. But to finish off for today, I want to encourage you. Sometimes it can be hard to actually see the blessings that surround us. I found that this week (if you can even believe it being over here surrounded by all this beauty..) I was distracted by a few things, and before I knew it, my focus was lost. But the second I stopped, and lifted my eyes, it was at that moment I was able to hear that "still small voice", and to see from the right perspective. And everything changed. ;)
So whatever you are doing, listen out for that still small voice today. Our faithful God promises to guide you and bring you peace. Have a beautiful day :)

Sending love from Prince Rupert!

nat x

Images - Natalie Box


  1. So good to hear from you on the blog!!! SO wonderful to see the pictures and share in your adventures!! I'm glad you are having such a fabulous time. Keep posting! xo

  2. This is amazing! So good to be able to share the journey with you Natty! Keep it coming x


Thanks for your comments. I pray you are encouraged and blessed! Please keep in touch :)

Nat xx

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