Friday, 6 September 2013

Friday Fashionista :: { Totes Amaze }

Hello friends it's Fridaaaayyyy! Well this week's Friday Fashionista is so fun and excites me a LOT. Are you ready? Today is dedicated to one of my very favourite fashion accessories: The Tote. And first up, the lovely Miranda Kerr is looking fab with her Celine Zippered Cabas Tote. Who wants one? Well... great news guys. I've included all the links so you can purchase your favourite ones right away. I know. I know, I am so thoughtful aren't I?!
Huh hum. Drum roll. Introducing.... My. Dream. Bag.
 Ah Celine. One day we shall meet.
And here is her little yellow friend. She's very pretty don't you think?
Bit of Georgio Armani for the boys. 
A black, studded Celine Bag and ripped jeans. Fabulous.
Hello again Miranda. This Blue Prada Tote is looking lovely on you.
This Lands End Bag and scarf reminds me of a friend of mine. :)
And here's another Celine. This time it's Camille Styles' as featured on the The Glitter Guide.
Just a subtle piece here.
Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel Hula Hoop Bag. Tell me, would you wear this?!
And guys, here's the new Louis Tote!

Well, as I started exploring the land of the tote, I became quite overwhelmed and delighted with what I found! Soooooooooooo... there may be a Part II coming along soon so stay tuned. :) In the meantime, here are some more fun totes to check out in your weekend browsing...

How cute are these new canvas totes from MadeByGirl..

Here's a collection Refinery29 put together..

Great summer bags here at Step-Brightly..

Hello! Elle Magazine's top totes from last year are still hot to trot in my opinion..

And here are some more funky bags featured by Paloma81..

And if that wasn't enough, how about these superstar totes.. Wow wow wow. Shall I order them all for everyone?!

And finally speaking of bags, I found this Vicki Archer post from a while back! Very fun!

I hope you've all got something fun planned for this weekend. :) I'm super excited to be finallllly going to the Monet Exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria - it finishes this Sunday, so I'm so glad I have managed to squeeze it in! Have any of you been? What's it like?! And hey.. if you haven't been, maybe I'll see you there this afternoon!

Have a totes amaze weekend everyone. ;)

nat x

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