Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Anything Can Happen ~ Book Sneak Peek { Everyday Adventures }

On a scale of one to ten, how much adventure would you say you've you had lately? Would you say you are adventurous all day? Half the day? Or would it be more like 1 hour per day? Or maybe not even be that much? Well, I've been working on my book "Anything Can Happen" quite a bit lately and yesterday I was writing all about adventure. Ah, I love this pic below, doesn't it make you want to go and climb a mountain?
What is this desire in us for adventure? Even if we don't realise it's in us, it's there. We have been given "life in abundance" (John 10:10) Abundance = a very large quantity, more than adequate, over-sufficient. So for me, abundance is simple, I need to have a lot more fun and adventure. So, here's a sneak peek of a snippet from Chapter 4 of the book ~ "Expect Surprises Everyday:) xx

A N Y T H I N G   C A N   H A P P E N 

{ e v e r y d a y  |  a d v e n t u r e s }

"If I say to you “expect adventure today”, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? You might have a list of great things that just roll off the tongue, which is great, but if you don’t, then it’s time to dream. 
I’m challenged even as I write this. What am I expecting today? It’s 3:48pm on Tuesday 25th February. There are still just over 8 hours left in this day. So, what am I expecting? It would be easy for me to think, “well it’s almost 5pm, that’s the end of the day, then I’ll go home and just relax and have an early night”. Sensible, yes. Adventure, not really. What time is it now, as you read these words? Look at your watch, then work out how many hours are left in this day. Even if it’s only 30 minutes, that’s plenty of time to encourage someone, write in your journal, send that email, look up that course, or take one tiny step toward that dream you’ve been putting off for six months. 
An adventure is “an unusual and exciting or daring experience”. It’s “participation in exciting undertakings or enterprises” (Oxford Dictionary) and really, "life in abundance" means we should be participating in and experiencing these all the time right?! So let's stir it up. Let's stir up a sense of daily adventure and expectation. Adventure and fun are not just for ‘every now and then’, they are for everyday. 

Even if you don't know quite what you'd love to do... just ask God, and he will show you. :) Life is too short not to have fun and do what you love all the time. So what is it for you? Take a few minutes, take the limits off, let your mind go wild and just ask, “What’s the adventure awaiting me right now?” Because guess what he says to you...
As we start thinking like this, adventure actually becomes our normal. God has put so many seeds of adventure inside us, and it’s up to us to dig them up. When we have a vision for what we are expecting, we go after it with greater tenacity, and we actually SEE it happen. So write down some things on your heart right away, then get ready because... Anything Can Happen."

Have an amazing day expecting adventure.

Love Nat x

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