Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Be kind to yourself. :)

Hello my friends! I've missed you guys... how have you been? I hope you had a Happy Easter! What a special time it was... I watched most of The Passion of The Christ on Good Friday, I watch it every year. I love to really take that time to remember what he actually did for me. Ah, it messes me up every time, but then, I guess that's the point isn't it. ;) If you haven't watched it in a while, I highly recommend it. xox

So I've got something kinda funny to share. Last night, I picked up my little beach chair and sat in the garden in the rain. Do you ever do that? Sit in the rain? In the dark? It's not really the 'normal' thing to do is it? Well anyway, I did. My initial plan was to throw the ball for the dog quickly and then come inside. But as soon as I felt the rain on my face, it was like water to my soul. Literally. :) As I sat there, head facing up, eyes closed, I was thinking, "Should I go inside? Come on, this is a bit silly. I'm getting wet here." But then I thought, "Hello, what's the worst thing that can happen? = I get wet and I put a new jumper on." So basically, in the grand scheme of things... not that bad. 
And the best thing that could happen was that I would be refreshed.
So I stayed... I just sat there in my backyard, in the dark, looking like this... 
Those little droplets of rest and refreshing were just what I needed in that exact moment.
I was refreshed when I least expected it. So imagine what can happen when we actually expect to be refreshed?! What do you need at the moment? Rest? Joy? Faith? Refreshing? Healing? A good girly chat with a bestie? Well good news...
No matter what season, no matter what we are facing, no matter how busy and overwhelmed we may feel, he is always there to restore us!

So with his voice in mind, let me encourage you today. 

1. Be kind to yourself.
Listen to your body and rest when you need to.

2. Expect to be refreshed.
Don't be so quick to dismiss surprise opportunities just because they may be 'out of the ordinary'.

3. Always listen to his leading.
Even if it is to dance in the rain!

Praying you have a beautiful day today, always listening for his voice as he cheers you on.

And a huge happy birthday to my Papa Fred who is turning 90 years old today! ;)

Love nat xox

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