Tuesday, 8 April 2014

What are you waiting for. Just do it.

What is it you love to do? What's that thing
The thing that makes you come alive and filled with joy. Do you know? 
Sometimes it feels like time goes forever. And we'll be here forever. 
And have plenty of time to do all the things we dream of. But it doesn't. And we won't. 
Life is actually quick. It's a vapour.
I don't mean to sound all morbid or anything, but this is LIFE we are talking about here! Your life. :) 
Do you love your life? Are you thriving? And flourishing?
What is it that makes you feel alive? 
When you're creating? Or designing? Or building? Or helping? Or planning? Or writing? 
Or teaching? Or listening? Or parenting? Or encouraging? Or exploring?
Well for me, it's encouraging people to recognise how amazing they are. To see what desires they have in their hearts, and to encourage them to be everything they have been called to be. Everyone has a dream. You do. And even writing this makes me feel so passionate to encourage you right now! As you read these very words I pray God begins to awaken something new in YOU. 
I want to let you know something. 
Before he breathed the stars, God created you. You. He designed you with perfection. Unique and unlike anyone else who would ever walk this earth. He placed specific, precious desires in your heart, things only you can do and things that will make your heart come alive when you do them.
So what are you waiting for?!
It's your turn to dream my friend. Cos guess what... :)
Abundance is God's normalWe are often satisfied with 'pretty good' or 'near enough' - but God is extravagant. He's not happy with 5 days of you working in a job you don't love and 2 days of 'I wish this weekend would last forever so I never have to go back to work'. He wants you thriving every moment. So come on, it's time to take that leap!
Just DO it. Okay? Whatever is in your heart... remember, it's never too late, too early, you're never too old, too young, too serious, too loud, too quiet, too busy. NO excuses. 
(Seriously I am going to follow up on this and check back on you okay?!)

Have an amazing Tuesday friends. Stir it up!

Love Nat xoxo

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