Sunday, 7 December 2014

Just chase the one rabbit.

Hi friends! Who's a little bit excited it's just seventeen sleeps til Christmas! So I was thinking about what I'd like to write for today's blog, and I remembered something one of my very good friends has said to me many times (and he's German so he's very smart!) :: "if you chase two rabbits both will escape". Have you ever heard this statement made?

Well never mind two rabbits, I've felt like I've been chasing about seven rabbits of late! What about you? Maybe you've tried "multi-tasking", only to find both tasks either got done half-heartedly, or not at all? Then... all of a sudden all the rabbits you were chasing were gone!
So it's been five weeks since I've returned from New York, and I've got lots of exciting creative projects buzzing around in my mind... ready to be birthed. However, I've found that over the past few weeks I have been so focused on so many of these exciting projects, that none of them have actually progressed as far as I would have hoped! Maybe you know what I mean... You start one thing, then you think of something else, so you move onto that, then suddenly you think "oh I'll just stop that and quickly do this" and before you know it nothing is actually getting done!
So what's the answer? Well, I am not saying multi-tasking is not the way to go. For smaller, urgent things, multi-tasking is often a great option, however I think the key to successfully completing any large, important project is focus.
Focus means :: "to cause something, such as our attention, to be directed at something specific". But it also has another meaning, "to adjust our eyes, and to make an image clear". (Source) How cool is that. :) So basically, focus is HOW we see (with wisdom) and WHAT we see (with clarity). So friends... let's take a step back and help each other out with this okay? :) 

This week let's...

1. Stop, and take the pressure off ourselves.
 Creative projects are fun, but they require focus and they cant be rushed.
So take a breather and just rest.
2. Hang out with God and listen to his still small voice. 
As we are still in his presence, his peace comes. 
It's in this place of peace we know what to put our hand to.
3. Focus on 'that thing' and stick to it until it is done.
A mountain is never climbed by taking two steps forward and four steps back. 
As we stick to the path and keep moving forward, we will reach the peak! 
4. Remember if we mess up it's okay!
So don't worry, if we find ourselves overwhelmed chasing five rabbits that all 
escapeit's all good! We just skip back to number 1 and start over he he ;) xo 
5. There is plenty of time.
Sometimes it feels like we are running out of time, which is why we 
often 'chase so many rabbits'...  but God's timing is perfect and we are right 
on schedule. So let's just enjoy today hey... ;

Have a WONDERFUL week my precious ones! The world needs what you have to give today, so sow seeds of generosity wherever you go :)

Love Nat xoxo

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  1. Nat!

    Love this post and love your blog. It's so encouraging, so inspiring and makes my heart feel so loved, assured and at peace. Definitely need to stop chasing two rabbits and chase one first and then go after the other.

    Thankyou for sharing your wise words and for being such a beautiful light of God and his goodness!

    Will be checking out your page regularly now!


    1. Girls!!! Thank you so much! That is so encouraging to me... I know isn't it crazy we get so caught up doing a million things :) I have found this week has been super productive for me because I have just chased the one rabbit ;)

      Lots of love to you girls!!

      Love Nat xoxo


Thanks for your comments. I pray you are encouraged and blessed! Please keep in touch :)

Nat xx

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