Thursday, 28 February 2013

Interior Love // Crooning over coastal.

Hi Thursday friends.. well Coastal beach decor is what we are talking about today. My absolute favourite. I have tried the best I can to turn my house into a 'coastal-feels-like-I'm-on-holiday' retreat, it doesn't quite look like this one above. Yet. This is Ralph Lauren's Jamaica holiday home. Stunning isn't it?
Dark wood. Yes.
Perfect spot for an afternoon break..
Ah those French doors..
Candles + flowers + starfish + teak wood. Perfect and fun.
Imagine a night under the stars lying here..
And THIS is my next house!
One solitary flower in a bottle brings so much beauty don't you think?
Grey bedroom..
Blue bedroom..
And just the right amount of lanterns to make evvvverything pretty :)
I saw this and I just loved it. So rustic. He's rejoicing over you with singing today. :) Well I hope you enjoyed the coastal fabulousness of each of these pics. I think I will have to do another one soon as I took sooooo long choosing which pics to put in !!! 

Happy happy Thursday.....

nat x

Images ~ 123456, 7, 8910, 11, 12.

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