Tuesday, 12 February 2013

What are you magnifying?

It was such a beautiful morning yesterday; the sun was shining and as I was walking through the park, although the scenery was stunning, thoughts were buzzing through my head. To do lists.. planning for this.. thinking about that.. and all of a sudden I was feeling slightly overwhelmed. As I was stressing over my problems, they were increasing in size! Even the tiniest things become huge when we magnify them..

Look at this little guy.. the detail in his spots just astounds me!
When we magnify things, they get bigger. So as I was focusing on these negative thoughts, they were beginning to fill my mind and cause unnecessary stress. So, I decided to focus on and magnify the good thoughts about me. 
What are you magnifying today? This is a picture of sand, magnified 250 times its size. Isn't it beautiful?
Magnifying gives us eyes to see
As we magnify the One who created everything, our focus shifts from ourselves and we see from a different perspective. And it's also here in this place that all sorts of hidden beauty within us will be revealed. It's time!!

Happy Tuesday! :)

nat x 

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