Sunday, 3 March 2013

Endless Summer.

For those of us in Australia.. we are well and truly living in an Endless Summer! If you're anything like me and don't want Summer to end, you will be loving the fact that it is going to be hot ALL week. That's right. Bliss.
Yesterday afternoon I was at Brighton Beach in Melbourne, along with many other die-hard Melbourne "I-love-Summer-so-much-I-am-making-the-most-of-every-single-beach-day" fans. So.. here are some tips for you to make the most of this glorrrrious weather! Enjoy!
1. Head to Moonlight Cinemas.. or create your own outdoor movie cinema in someone's backyard, complete with cushions and lanterns of course.
2. Grab some fish and chips and head down to your nearest beach after work one night with some friends (lanterns, candles, rugs and pillows optional.. but so much more fun don't you think?!) 
3. Escape the city for a night this weekend.. Round up a crew and head to a beachside camp site, set up some simple tents, BYO chairs and you are set! 

So let me encourage you there is more to come! Think outside the box this week and do something fun and impromptu! Let me know what you do and the most fabulous "Endless Summer activity" will score a mention in one of next week's blog posts! :)

Happy Monday!

nat x

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