Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Joy is the Benchmark.

How's your joy level today? On a scale of 1 - 10... what number would you say it would be? 10...? 8...? Maybe lower? Well I've been thinking a lot about joy lately. I don't really think we are living up to our 'true joy potential'... and quite frankly, I want more!
So I have decided to redefine joy in my life. It's no longer a luxurious experience, enjoyed infrequently and randomly. Not no no... I have decided that joy is as normal as breathing, and there's plenty of it going around. Joy is our benchmark.
Definition of bench-mark: (n). 
'The point of reference from which a measurement may be made'. 
And everything flows from joy. :)
Joy isn't an unachievable goal hidden away from us on a top shelf somewhere. It's how God created us to live, and walk and experience life every day. It's the BENCHMARK. It's the minimum. And there's actually more available than we think...
Think about a time when you have felt overwhelmed with joy. Go through it in your mind. Have you got it?! Well that feeling... that is your normal! So start expecting it. Abundant means 'to exist in plentiful supply, to be present in great quantity, and to be abounding'. So, if God has promised us 'life more abundantly', then abundance is what it shall be!'
So what's stopping us? We need to renew our minds and change our benchmark. 
JOY is your normal from now on. And remember...
So each morning you get a brand new fresh batch. I've actually just written an article about joy in the latest edition of Christian Woman Magazine, entitled "5 Ways to Be Refreshed By Joy This Christmas"... feel free to have a little 'squiz' if you like? Have a wonderful 'joy-filled' Wednesday my friends!

7 sleeps to go.... hooray for Christmas :)

love nat xx

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