Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Start small :)

Do you ever feel overwhelmed "trying" to be inspired and creative? Yesterday afternoon, after a productive morning of writing, I was ready for another book writing session.  So I sat there ready to go. Nothing. I sat there with my hands on the keyboard..."Okay creativity... hellooooo... you can come anytime now..."  Then I stopped. I realised I was trying to be "supernaturally creative" but in my own strength. Ha ha, Nat I don't really think that's how it works. Flowers don't strive to be beautiful, they just grow in their own beauty.
Anyway at that moment I decided to just take the pressure off myself and start small. Rather than focusing on writing a whole section, I thought I'd just go somewhere beautiful, chill out and make a few notes. As soon as I did that the Lord reminded me of a cute cafe on the Upper West Side called Cafe Lalo. So I grabbed my laptop, put on some lipgloss (and the new boots I may have recently bought he he) and headed out the door. This is where I went!

Do you do this too? Put pressure on yourself and then don't know where to start?! Ah it's so silly isn't it! Well, I want to remove any pressure for us "be creative"... and just release us to be ourselves, cos that's what the world needs :) Let's start small and see just what happens! Here are few ways we can start small in stirring up creativity:

1. Take the pressure off. It's amazing what ideas we think of when we're not 'thinking'.
2. Don't try and plan a whole project. Start by listing a few ideas.
3. Do something fun. Inspiration often comes when we're relaxed and having a good time.
4. Go somewhere beautiful and treat yourself. 
5. Hang out with a friend and chat about things you love.
6. Ask God to stir new creativity. I love this scripture below... How amazing is it that he is always waiting to tell us something new. :)

So remember, when you start to feel the pressure it's time to strip it back. :) 
Just relax and have a beautiful day being YOU!

Love Nat xo

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