Friday, 17 October 2014

Love from NYC :: Generosity brings freedom.

Have you ever been so overwhelmed with thinking about something that you can't seem to think about anything else, no matter how hard you try? Well that happened to me last week. How crazzzzzy is that. I'm in New York on holiday, and I'm stressed, what the heck?! Anyway, I was. And it was like I was frozen in a thought pattern that I couldn't break free from. I was praying and asking the Lord to show me, but all the while I felt like it something I needed to learn for myself, and that it would be a life changing lesson. And it really was. 

Anyway, in the middle of an "oh my gosh why am I so overwhelmed" freak out moment, I suddenly felt prompted to bless someone with a gift. Don't you love how God pops these sneaky ideas in your head right at the pinnacle of crazy intense moments. He cracks me up! So, there I am with this extravagant idea running through my head, and for a split second I think about how much it will cost me... but then I think about God's generosity. Hello, how can I even compare?! He has blessed me with everything I have anyway, so who am I to hold back the blessing from someone else? Every time I think of his generosity like that it helps me not to hold my finances in my fist so tightly. So anyway, I decided to give and in that moment everything shifted.
Generosity always brings freedom. We can never lose by giving. Ever. Giving always wins. The enemy’s ploy is to keep us thinking small, feeling limited, fearful and living under an umbrella of lack. He comes to kill, steal and destroy, BUT Jesus comes to bring life and life in abundance. (John 10:10) 'But' is a small word, it's so powerful though. It means “to introduce a phrase or clause contrasting what has already been mentioned”. (Apple Dictionary). How amazing is that? And I love how it is used in this scripture. Every single thing God ever says is a "but" to whatever the enemy mentions. 

Are you facing something that is overwhelming you at the moment? Well, you're not alone my friend! Be encouraged right now wherever you are in the world, because God's word is truth and it always contrasts lies of fear and lack. We have access to his abundant blessings today, so let's relax in him, give extravagantly, and remember there is always more than enough. ;)

Have a beautiful day :)

Love Nat xoxo


Me standing outside Berklee in Boston where I studied ten years ago
(trying to hold in my squeals of excitement!)
 Exploring the Upper West Side.
 Beautiful street in the West Village.
 Conservatory Water at Central Park.
City skyline over Central Park South from Columbus Circle.

Have a great week friend! xx


  1. I just LOVE this. Every little thing. Your heart is precious dear!

    1. Aw thank you my precious friend :):) I love you and your heart very VERY much! I think we need to arrange it so we are in the same country for more than one week a year! xoxoxxo


Thanks for your comments. I pray you are encouraged and blessed! Please keep in touch :)

Nat xx

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