Saturday, 19 May 2012

The lovely world of Austen.

"The ladies of Longbourn soon waited on those of Netherfield.
The visit was returned in due form.
Miss Bennet's pleasing manners grew on the
good-will of Mrs Hurst and Mrs Bingley..."
(Pride and Prejudice)

After a lovely Saturday morning spent over coffee with four inspirational women and a spot of shopping at Ikea (100 candles for $4 is a no brainer really)... I arrived home and found this little book sitting on my bookshelf, eyeing me off.

So with a Royal Albert mug of French Earl Grey in hand, I grabbed a rug, plonked
myself on the couch and opened up to the lovely world of Austen. Her writing is sweet and beautiful, her words poetically floating off the page and around the room as each one is read.

As a lover of books, of reading and of course writing, I'm coming to the realisation that
words really do either carry life, or they destroy. Beautifully written words awaken the soul. I have a collection of old books, one of my favourites being the bible. Written thousands of years ago and translated into hundreds of languages, every time I read it, its words come alive and bring
life and hope to my soul. 

What books are you reading at the moment?

nat x

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  1. Someone once said it takes wisdom to receive and appreciate wisdom. In this context I would say sometimes it takes an artist to appreciate another artist, for Jane Austen, was an artist who knew how to paint portraits with words and with great finese’. She was able to combine passion, talent and the socio economic issues of the day to weave tapestry of literature that couldn’t be equalled and let alone exceeded. Like most artists, she was greatly and continually celebrated long way after her death. Hollywood has movies based on her books etc. An author par excellence.

    I would put her in the same genre as Emily and Charlotte Bronte, again these have managed to transcend generations and centuries. In this modern day of Pottermania and Hogwarts these rare blend of writers are a delicacy indeed!! I must say you have exquisite taste. You may be interested to know about the Jane Austen societies scattered across the globe, however, I think the one in Bath, England would be one of the finest.
    Of course, the bible’s words are in a league of their own.Based on your writing I would say treasures were poured in you and a great foundation laid by Yahweh, in your intimate moments with Him. I see this is an avenue that you are releasing droplets of that treasure, however, I also see greater ‘outlets’ opening for you that would allow you to release more ‘litres’ of that treasure to a thirsty world.

    To voluntarily answer the question, I m currently reading Jamie Mcintyre’s “ What I didn’t learn from school that I wish I had’, bit of a mouthful , but it’s a good read for any business enthusiast. However, I do have 2 more in the The biographies of Carly Fiorina ( Former CEO and Chairwoman of Hewlett Packard) and Cherie Blair (wife of world leader and my favourite President of all time and now Ex President, Tony).

    What will be your top 3 books of all time??
    Stay blessed Nat and keep on unleashing your writing craft! Tah.


Thanks for your comments. I pray you are encouraged and blessed! Please keep in touch :)

Nat xx

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