Saturday, 26 May 2012

Pre-digital beauty..

The digital age brings with it many things we have grown to love. Instant communication. iPhones. iPads. Digital cameras. Skype. Facebook. Twitter. We check our phones every five seconds, all day long. Then before we go to bed, we tuck them in and put them to sleep on our night stand and wish them goodnight as we plug them in to recharge. We wake up and there they are smiling at us, ready for another all-day workout.

The photo above is Juliet's balcony in Verona. I have a huge beautiful photo album of real, live, actual photos. I know, how amazing to think of these days. Real photos. Before digital. Back when I was travelling, we didn't travel with mobile phones (shivers I sound like my Nanna..).. but we did have email. I remember being in the Greek Islands and emailing my other friends to meet up with them. We had to pre-set a time and meeting place and thankfully it worked and we were both there! How hilarious is that! Now, if want to meet up with someone it's simple. We can SMS them, email them, Tweet them, Facebook them, Skype them... and then if all that doesn't work then at least we can  Instagram tag them.

The last two times I've been overseas my phone hasn't worked. At first I almost freaked out.. I mean how will I survive two whole weeks phone-less?! But let me tell you, it was the best feeling ever. It made me realise just how much we depend on technology to communicate. This afternoon I hand wrote a card and it was so refreshing. So this week our mission (if you choose to accept it) is to do one of the following.. 

print out a selection of the photos on your memory card or iPhone.. 
turn off your Facebook for a day.. 
handwrite a letter and post it to an old friend.. 
leave the house for an hour without your phone.. 
don't log on to Twitter for a few days.. 
keep your phone in your handbag when you catch up with someone.. 
don't upload a photo or check Instagram for a week..

And in the time we save in doing one of these, let's focus on speaking encouraging words of hope to one another. They seem like
 like simple things, but every time I do one of these things I feel refreshed.

It's my Nanny's 90th birthday in a few weeks and I'm going to make her a photo album. Every time I take a photo of her she says to me "and when am I ever going to
see any of these photos?" She's right. So this week.. to Officeworks I go.

Happy rainy Saturday. :)

nat x

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