Wednesday, 30 January 2013

5 Minute Vacation :: J'aime Paris

Now I know I have done some posts on Paris in the past, but come ON.. can we really ever have enough of Paris? No way. Today I am dedicating this blog to a very dear friend of mine who is about to embark on an exciting new journey and I am thrilled to celebrate her today (I hope she knows who she is). She did request a few weeks a go that I write a blog on Paris, so here you go beauty.. off we go!!
In my next house I would like a Mansard roof just like these ones in Paris.
One little birdie sitting pretty.. and one little birdie soaring in the air.. 
Here's where you will be staying during your time in Paris.
Looking out from this balcony..
You'll wander through the markets and pick out a few of these lovelies for your hotel room..
Sit down and enjoy a coffee (no takeaways in Paris!).. and of course a chocolate croissant..

Head back to your hotel room for lunch on the balcony..
before afternoon tea at the Ritz Carlton!
Pure decadence. And look at that garden in the background.. Stunning.
Then you'll grab another late afternoon coffee on the terrace of your hotel..
Before heading out for an extravagant dinner at the gorgeous Le Petit Ch√Ętelet.

Have a beautiful day and see you in Paris!

nat x 

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