Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A brand new seven days.

Hi friends :) Well we are now 8 days into 2014... can you believe it? So, what do you think so far? Compared to 2013... Different? Better? Good? Still waiting to see? I was driving home last night thinking... "this is the 7th of January". We are in the seventh day of this brand new year. Hello? Seven whole days. 168 hours. 241,920 minutes. That's a long time we've been hanging out in 2014 already... when the heck did that happen? Two seconds ago we were wrapping presents for Christmas and watching The Holiday?! (Okay maybe that was just me...) So now, I want you to think of what you accomplished in these past seven days. Was it a lot? 
Were you creative?
Did you have fun?! Now think of what God did in his first seven days. Kinda impressive huh? And technically it was only six... he was done after six and on seven... he rested. 
And as amazing as this is to think about, we have this SAME ability to create. We are made in his image, we are his kids! We have more creativity bubbling up inside us than we could ever realise. And this year I am determined to tap into it and release it over my life like never before. 
So who's up for a little project? Instead of seeing today as 'eight days in to this new year', we are going look at today as day one. Day one of a brand new seven days. Just think about what God did on day one? 
God spoke (created): “Light!” And light appeared. 
God saw that light was good and separated light from dark. 
God named the light Day, he named the dark Night. 
It was evening, it was morning—Day One.
You have a fresh start now. You can do anything you like. Anything. Write your list. Dream bigger dreams. Let your imagination run wild. Think outside the box. Make crazy, ridiculous declarations and actually expect them to happen. The book I am writing is called Anything Can Happen, and I want to encourage you that it actually can happen. Just be yourself...
You have enough creativity in you right now to release something that will change your life forever. So go for it. Be ready because something amazing is going to happen today. And when it happens, I want to be the first to know okay!

love you heaps...

nat x

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