Sunday, 12 January 2014

Relax. And just read.

Okay, so I thought we could do something fun. How about we do a little online bloggy book sharing?! Sooo many people I have been chatting to lately have just been totally loving reading this summer!! Have you? And I'm not talking about the "skimming a page or two every few weeks" kind of reading, I'm talking grabbing book after book and totally immersing yourself in "summer holiday relaxation mode". For me, this year I think I have enjoyed it more than other years, so I thought we could all do something fun to extend our "summer holiday reading fun." What do you guys think?! :):)
Something happens when we read. When we read, we rest. When we rest, we feel inspired. 
When we feel inspired, we dream. And when we dream, ANYTHING can happen!

So here's what we're going to do...
I'd love YOU to share two things with us all here on the blog...
1. What's the best book/s you have read over summer? 
(it can be this summer or a previous year) and also...
2. What's your favourite bookstore/s?
I would love to hear your ideas, then I will feature a bunch of them in the next blog, as well as sharing MY favourite summer reads and bookstoresThis way we can all hear each other's ideas, and hopefully increase our "summer reading library"... because let's be honest, if you're in Melbourne, summer has only JUST begun, so there is still much reading to be done! ;)
And... if you are already back at work... never fear!! 
(I can actually hear some of you thinking this already...)
Because guess what?! Summer reading is not stopping anytime soon. Just think of those sunny lunch breaks and long balmy nights ahead of us... ah bliss! Imagine kicking back here tonight with a good book. 
So...  just post your answers in the comments section below (just sign in with your Google password or through Facebook) and if you're reading this in your email, just click on the title and it will shoot you through to the blog page. I am verrrry excited about this new fun series!

Have the best day and keep cool! ;)

love nat xx

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