Friday, 13 June 2014

Friday Fashionista :: { The Ankle Boot }

So how many pairs do you have? Flat, high heeled, low heeled, tan, black, coloured, buckled, laced, elasticized... the list goes on. Is it just me or in the past few years has the ankle boot become one of THE most fabulous parts of the wardrobe? Honestly! I don't know what I did before them? What the heck did I wear every day in winter? Anyway, I'm glad they are here now... and as we are heading into some cooler weather, let's have a little lookie at some fun ways we can style them. (And even for some of us who miiiiight just be heading to some warmer weather, good news, they work just as well with skirts and shorts!) Happy browsing guys and gals! X


So get your boots out this weekend friends... that reminds me, I actually have quite a few pairs of boots in storage still, which have been there almost a year! Wow. Instead of going shopping, I should actually go to where my clothes are stored and "shop" there! I'm serious, I'm sure I would find a gazillion things, my response to everything I pick up being "Ohhhhh, I remember thiiiiissssss!!" So that can be a little lesson hey... may we look at 'not so new' clothes and shoes with fresh eyes this weekend! Anyway, have a beautifully inspiring weekend lovely friends :) I am off for a weekend away with the fam... we're heading to the coast for some quality time away (which may or may not include a family "lip sync battle") He he he. So I shall let you all know how this goes and which song I sing ;) 

Love you guys!

Nat xoxo

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