Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Six little encouragements for you.

Okayyyyy call me crazzzy, but the fact that we are only four months away from summer is just a tad exciting for me! << insert crazy tongue poking out emoticon here >> Alright alright, I know I am jumping the gun a bit here, but think about it... June 21 was four days ago... That's the shortest day of the year... So guess what that means? Yep that's right. The days get longer and warmer from here on in. Hello. Woo hoo! 
And just like summer is coming, so are our promises. Yep. Your promises and mine. God promises that "we are the receivers of great and precious promises", so just as we get excited and know summer is coming, we can rest assured that our great God has everything perfectly planned. He's working behind the scenes in our situation right now. Just look at the sun in the sky. Every time it sets it's a confirmation of his goodness. 
So here are six little things to encourage you in whatever season you are in:

1. Write five things you are thankful for today.
Thankfulness shifts atmospheres and gives us new eyes to see.

2. Joyfully look forward to the season ahead.
Expectation releases the miraculous.

3. Don't be distracted or discouraged in the wait. 
Focus is the key. And God is always really great at helping us with this.

4. Sow seeds for the next season. 
Whether it's finance, time, acts of service, or love... your seed releases your breakthrough.

5. Expect surprises everyday.
Let's learn from kids. They are always expecting fun and wonder. 

6. Don't wait for summer to come to dance... dance in the rain!!
That's right! It's time to seize the moment. Carpe diem!

So have a beautiful day my friends. Be encouraged, wherever you go you have the ability to release love and joy, so let's be extravagant with our giving.

Happy Wednesday :)

Love Nat xox

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  1. Love it !!! Always filled with Encouragement !!! Thank you so much for taking time to bless others ����

  2. What wonderful words of encouragement! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for your comments. I pray you are encouraged and blessed! Please keep in touch :)

Nat xx

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