Thursday, 10 July 2014

Friday Fashionista :: { London Style }

Aloha from the UK lovelies :) I'm in Manchester at the moment, hello Summer! I'm here for my precious friend Miriam's wedding tomorrow (eek soooo exciting!)... and boy are we are celebrating!! There's nothing like being reunited with a great friend after two and a half years apart, add a wedding into the mix and you have yourself an absolute dream!!! I'm here with three other girlfriends from Australia, and needless to say we are all having a ball. Endless tea parties, many many laughs... and loads of other crazy moments we will remember forever! We spent Tuesday having a spa day here at stunning Rookery Hall Hotel and Spa (where Becks proposed to Posh by the way...) and today will be spent at the beautician and doing last minute wedding preps. Then on Sunday after the wedding, us bridesmaids are headed for London-town (then Paris eek!!!)... soooooo in preparation for our London fun, I thought it would be cool to share some fab London fashion to inspire us all! Hope you enjoy. :) xoxo (PS... check out my Instagram for wedding fun!) 

So stunning hey. The funky, edgy and gorgeous style that is LONDON. Makes my heart swoon! What have you got planned for this weekend? Have a really fun one and be sure to hang out with some people you love. Why not get in touch with an old friend and have a coffee or a chat on the phone. Friendships are such a gift from God hey, so let's make the effort to cultivate them this weekend... 

Sending love to you all :)

(Ps... stay tuned for the exciting announcement of my next "Inspired By" interview... coming next week)

Love Nat xoxo

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