Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Interview with Camille Styles.

Well hello from Paris my friends! The girls and I have been having an amazing time exploring the sights of Manchester and London (see my Instagram for all the wedding and sightseeing fun!), and now we are here in the City of Lights :) So... aside from all the travel excitement... I have something fun to share with you! Last year I started a fun blog series called Inspired By :: where I interview amazing writers and bloggers from around the globe who inspire me. 

Thus far I have had the pleasure of interviewing Vicki Archer of French Essence, and Jen Ramos of Made By Girl... and now I am SUPER excited to announce that the next Inspired By will be featuring the amazingly talented and super creative Camille Styles. Camille has long been an amazing source of encouragement and inspiration to me, and I am really looking forward to sharing with you just how she has inspired me over the years. So my friends, stir up the creativity and stay tuned for this incredible interview next week! :)

Sending love from Paris!

Nat xoxo

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