Friday, 9 January 2015

Friday Fashionista :: Channeling Blake Lively

Aloha lovelies... Happy Friday to you :) Today for Friday Fashionista we are taking a look at one of Hollywood's chicest ladies, Mrs Ryan Reynolds herself, Blake Lively. Her style is classic, feminine and effortlessly glam, which is why we love her. Oh, and if you've ever thought "it's easy to look that great when you have a stylist"... think again my friends, this pretty lady doesn't have one. That's right, a true lover of fashion, Blake dresses herself

So whether it's piecing together flowing gowns with stilettos, or putting boots with a jacket, this girl knows how to spell s t y l e. Let's take a little walk through her wardrobe shall we? Ps. don't you just lovvvve her hair colour in the very top pic?! Exquisite. xo

So now for the fun part. If you had to wear one of these, which would you wear?! ;) 

Happy weekend guys. Hey, why don't you surprises someone with a coffee today... you'll make their day!

Love you heaps cherubs :)

Nat xoxo

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