Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Strength to keep believing.

Have you ever been on an aeroplane, about to land, when suddenly you find yourself circling above your destination, hovering and waiting and not actually moving anywhere? In one moment the anticipation of landing is overshadowed by a lonnnnnng wait. This is called a 'holding'. The primary use of a 'holding' is to "delay aircraft that have arrived at their destination but cannot land yet because of traffic congestion, poor weather, or runway unavailability. Several aircraft may fly the same holding pattern at the same time, separated vertically by 1,000 feet or more."

So if you think about it, it must be pretty frustrating. The plane has flown 15 (or more) hours in a straight, direct, efficient course... only to end up in a "holding pattern". Below is what it looks like. Although the plane is technically 'moving', it's not really moving forward or getting to it's destination.
I was thinking about this and how this 'holding pattern' is so much like us at times. I've been feeling like this in some areas of my life lately. How about you? Maybe you can relate...  just like the plane you're just waiting, waiting, waiting, unsure of when things are going to shift? 

Aeroplanes flying in circles are an "inefficient (and hence costly) usage of time and fuel, so measures are taken to limit the amount of holding necessary". (Source) Although our waiting season may seem like an inefficient waste of time, God's actually working behind the scenes, and it will all make sense soon. And you know what? With planes in their holding pattern, one thing's for sure, sooner or later, each plane WILL land. 
So in the meantime let's remember to keep declaring...
"my dreams WILL come to pass", and...
When our dreams feel like they are so far away it's easy to become discouraged. Heck, I get discouraged all the time! But in those times when it feels almost impossible to believe, God always sprinkles his supernatural hope over our hearts and our perspective changes. Hope invades like rays of bright light in darkness and gives us strength to keep believing. He brings each of us into one another's lives so we can encourage one another with hope.
So friends... let's keep one another encouraged as we wait for the things in our hearts to come to pass. Ask God to bring someone to mind and then encourage them today. :) It's is one of the most precious gifts on earth to give (and receive!) I love you guys and I am standing with you and praying for NEW STRENGTH to receive all you are believing for. Send me an email and let me know what dreams I can be praying with you for. ;)

Love Nat xoxo 

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  1. I love this and love you deary! If the miles between us were a little smaller I'd give you the biggest squeeze!!! Thanks for being the true you - always! #inspiring


Thanks for your comments. I pray you are encouraged and blessed! Please keep in touch :)

Nat xx

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