Thursday, 29 January 2015

Friday Fashionista :: Navy and Tan.

Bonjour mon cheri and happy Friday! What have you been up to this week? To our Aussie readers, how was your Australia Day? I spent five nights at Wye River on the Great Ocean Road last weekend, we decided to go down last minute and it was such a great idea. The location was perfect and the views were just incredible. Talk about peaceful. We chilled, read the paper, went for hikes, read books, headed into Lorne, watched movies... tres fun! 

I've been working very hard on the brand new website for The Writer's Ink ~ Launching 27th February which I am super excited about! (I think you're gonna love it!) Just a few more weeks to go yay :) Soooo here we are on another Friday with some more fun fashion inspiration. This week it's Navy and Tan... such a winning combo don't you think? Enjoy! X

Great inspiration hey! I just lurrrrve navy........ 

Well friends have a lovely weekend and why don't you set aside a little bit of time to dream and imagine great things for this year, because remember what we focus on is what we get ;) Watch this space...

Lots of love,

Nat xox

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Monday, 19 January 2015

Hope for you today.

I love this. There is something about singing that brings great strength. I wonder, do birds ever get tired of singing? I mean, do they have days where they're like.. "I'm so not in the mood today.. I'm taking a break." I don't think so. :) When I see birds, I see creatures of resilience, of great determination, of unwavering tenacity, and of wonderful strength.

Go on, take a look at a bird today.. free and unfettered, not tied down to a job description, careless in the care of God. So trusting and never fearing. I think we can learn a lot from our little feathered friends. Let us stir within us the courage to sense the dawn and begin to sing while it might still be dark. God is holding you and he wants to encourage you. There is hope for you today.

Happy Tuesday my friends :)

nat x
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Friday, 16 January 2015

Friday Fashionista :: The Boho Braid.

Aloha my friends! Hands up who's excited that it's FRIDAY! Me! Well I have been super duper busy this week working on the brand new website for The Writer's Ink (eek insert squeal here!) which will be launching Friday 27th February hooray! More news coming soon :) But in the meantime, here is today's Friday Fashionista is brought to you by my lovely friend Stace over at Kind Sir... (Pop on over and check them out you will be glad you did!) Here's some boho inspo for your weekend... Hope you enjoy! xx

Have the best weekend my friends!!

Love Nat xoxo

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