Wednesday, 22 May 2013

5 Minute Vacation :: Lake Como

Hi Writers Ink friends, how are you? :) I wish this was a video blog, so then I could see you all and find out how you're really doing! What are you are up to this week? Feel free to leave me a little comment below.. I'd reeeeally love to know what's happening with you! For those of you in Melbourne, how cold is this weather?! Well as much as I will admit I am loving all the layers, wearing boots again and rugging up with beanies and scarves, my heart will always, always belong to Summer. :) 
And for me, Summer is actually not too far away, because I just found out...... I am going to Canada and Alaska in July for work! For a month! I'm going on our 'Canada and Alaska Summer Tour', and I'll be writing articles and pieces on all the wonderful places we travel to. I'll tell you more about it over the next few days, but let's just say it's a huge answer to prayer and I am very excited about it all! So let me encourage you.. seriously.. ANYTHING really can happen. Anything. Anyway, enough about me and more about you. Let me take you on a little adventure today.. and whatever you're up to, I pray you will be refreshed and blessed by these stunning photos. So off we go to Lake Como.... First up, you'll be attending a very swish gala event here at Villa del Balbianello
And below is the villa you will be staying at.. this is the sun room.
Take a stroll through these gardens..
And after all your meandering, you'll definitely deserve a coffee..
So sit back and enjoy the view. Then go for a wander under these beauties..
Before taking an afternoon trip into Varenna. 
And then, at the very end of a magical day..
We will all gather together on the terrace for a beautiful meal! 
Be blessed today as you faithfully serve doing whatever you are doing. 
Just remember, despite all the changes that may be happening in your life, 
He has gone before you and made a way where there appears to be no way.

Here's to something incredible coming your way TODAY! Anything can happen. :)

nat x

Image 1 - Pinterest 
Image 2 -  Five Star Alliance
Image 5 - Image - The French Tangerine
Image 6 - Image - White Sofa
Image 7 - Image - Purple Wisteria
Image 8 - Image - James Brandon
Image 9 - Haus Design

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