Monday, 6 May 2013

Anything can happen.

What did you want to be when you were little? For the girls, was it a princess or a singer? Or a teacher or maybe it was Cinderella being whisked off to the ball? Guys, perhaps for you it was superman, or spiderman.. or a fireman or a policeman? Whatever it was, I'm sure it was extravagant! I know when I am asking my ten year old niece what she wants do when she grows up, it's never something mundane and small! Why? Because kids default to extravagance. They're fearless and they simply believe anything can happen. Extravagance is their normal.
Expectation is so powerful. And when we add words to our expectation, these become our declarations. This works positively and negatively of course. Life and death is in the power of the tongue, the bible tells us. So when we are negative, always declaring "things will never change, I always have this problem", we are actually carving out a path for ourselves with our words and our expectation. But, today is a new day... so you get a fresh start!
When we stir our faith to believe that things ARE going to change, declaring with our mouth "something is about to happen in my life, I can feel it! I declare a shift in my situation! I expect something to happen this week and I take the limits off!!".. things begin to change and we start to get excited.
A few weeks ago I decided to write three words on a piece of paper and stick them on my desk. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. Every few moments I would look at them and allow my mindset to shift to the place where I actually believed it. Sometimes it would take a few moments, but after a while, whenever I glanced at the words, something in my spirit would leap, believing that without a doubt anything could happen. And I began to expect it.
Superabundantly far over and above all we dare ask or think - that's the Amplified version. Think about that. Whatever you imagine, God has already matched it and raised it. So keep dreaming bigger! 
Over the past week a number of miraculous opportunities have presented themselves to me (which I will tell you about very soon!) but in short, I have been completely shocked and overwhelmed at the faithfulness of our wonderful God. :)
So let me encourage you to get ready. Lift your vision. Make room. Because something is about to happen in your life. I don't know what it is, but it's going to be good. So stir your faith. Take the limits off and renew your mind, because guess what?
It can, and it will. So believe it today. And please let me know when it happens so I can celebrate with you!

Happy Monday friends...

love nat x

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