Friday, 24 May 2013

Friday Fashionista :: Winter inspiration

Woo hoo Friday is here! So with the weather turning a little icy.. I know I know it's nothing like Europe in the winter or anything.. but hey, my head felt so cold when I woke up the other morning I literally felt like I was outside! Anyway, here's some fab winter outfits to get us inspired to layer up, beanie up and of course scarf up. Enjoy!
Doesn't this pic just exude "comfy"? 
Cable knit, thick scarf, blanket, book and of course a lovely cuppa.
I ADORE this scarf.. especially against the grey and pale blue denim. Ah.
Neutral and black. Fab.
Boys.. scarf + cardy = winner. 
(and of course the bowling bag... hmm)
Pastel prettiness. Love this.
Very Ralph Lauren.
This photo reminds me of a lovely friend of mine.. 
Great outfit. But so much better with the flowers don't you think?
Love this look.
And snug as a bug. 
Navy and grey with a pop of red = great combo..  
Well I'll have to admit, these pics have made me feel slightly happier about this chilly weather :) So let us keep inspiring each other with great fashion ideas hey! What are you all up to this weekend? I am moving house next Saturday so I am planning on being in my trackies all day Saturday, packing my house and planning for the week. I'm feeling pretty organised, with all my printed labels (I am such a packing nerd) ha! So I'm believing it's going to be an easy move...:) Ok peeps, well I am off, have a fab weekend and I shall see you in your inbox on Monday morning!

nat x

ps.. any thoughts for next week's Friday Fashionista?


  1. I love this post Nat! I think your Friday Fashionista's are becoming my favorite. Love love love the clothes and pics in this lot! even the two photos of the men. Nice outfits! You've inspired me for winter dressing.. now where is my big chunky scarf!?.....x

    1. Ooooh thanks! They are soooo fun to put together.. I may have to do a Part II of this one cos I love it so much too! Yes.... more chunky scarfs are essential!!!! Let's go to NY and go shopping!

  2. Also shout out to Stacey Peric! Looks like she has been modelling for one of those pics ;-)Hello fluffy jumper!!

    1. Correct!!!! I will have to let her know! ;) Hello fluff fluff!

  3. Friday Fashionista and Pay Day - lunchtime shopping for chunky scarves today!! Love it Nat XX

    1. I KNOW!!!! Oooh that is a GREAT combo.. did you get anything?!?! Xxxxx


Thanks for your comments. I pray you are encouraged and blessed! Please keep in touch :)

Nat xx

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