Friday, 15 November 2013

Friday Fashionista :: { Beachy Boho Part II }

Okay so today's post is written with the assumption that, in fact, the calendar IS correct after all, and summer WILL actually be here shortly! Hooray! Come on summer, you can do it!! Anyway, Happy Friday my friends - hope your week has been good:)  Ah, I love this pic above ... and the statement to go with it. YESSSSSSSSS!
So to start off our pre summer celebrations...
Beach picnic anyone?
How adorable is this little red number!?
I know someone who will want this outfit head to toe... Boho to the max.
Jessica Alba fitting the Boho part perfectly.
Ah Ralph Lauren. No words.
A great option for a cooler summer day... summer dress... and boots!
Nicole Richie looking gorrrrgeous in yellow.

Have a happy and wonderful weekend m'dears... I am praying for good weather! And remember, wherever you go and whatever you do (reminds me of that Richard Marx song ha) whether planned or surprise, let your heart always be listening for His still, small voice.

bless you so much and have a great day. :)

love nat x

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