Friday, 29 November 2013

Friday Fashionista :: { The Maxi Skirt }

Hey guys happy happy weekend! How has this week been for you? I can't believe it's December on Sunday... that's just a bit exciting I think. Have you started your Christmas shopping? I have decided I am more of a "shop around and wait til something jumps out at me" kind of shopper, rather than a "make a list and search and search for that specific thing". That way it's more spontaneous... and when I see something I think someone will love, I just grab it. That happened with a gift  for my niece yesterday afternoon. I was just casually shopping, then I saw something she told me she reeeeeeally wanted a few months ago... immediately I smiled, went into the store and got it. Now I can't wait to give it to her! Ahhh, I love giving gifts like that. It's so fun! :) It made me think, that's what God's like with us... he knows exactly what gifts we love and what makes our hearts happy, then he can't waittttt to give them to us. :):) So onto today's Friday Fashionista... it's inspired by a friend of mine's idea, which I have tweaked it slightly. :) So here we are today with the maxi. Whether it's paired with sparkles, a grey marle tee, a cute singlet or a cropped jacket, the maxi skirt is a fab addition to the wardrobe. Enjoy my friends! :) x

Pretty fun hey! Makes me want to go shopping :):) What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow I might go to the Spring Hill Peony Farm in Kyneton. I'm off to the National Gallery this afternoon with my mum and my two aunties... I can't wait, I just love that place. Then perhaps some more Christmas shopping he he............ 

Whatever you are up to, have fun!

love nat x

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