Monday, 18 November 2013

Non-negotiable Expectation.

Hi peeps welcome to Monday! Okay I have to ask... has the Christmas season begun for you yet? Have you started decorating?! Well, I put up my tree with my niece on Saturday night... and I was totally in my element. Watching one of the quintessential Christmas movies, Home Alone II, we sat there drinking our tea (Royal Albert Christmas mugs of course) and decorated my tree. This is what she looks like this year!
Ah, there is nothing better than coming home late at night with those twinkling lights flickering away. So pretty! :) So... I was driving the other day and I saw a sign that said "EXPECT DELAYS". Immediately my mind thought, hello? Um, sorry, but I'm not expecting any delays! Then I realised the reason I was sooo offended (by a road sign ha ha) was because of the way I actually read those two words. I read them as an 'order'. It was as if I had 'no choice' in the matter; and that I had to "expect delays because they were definitely going to happen". Basically, I took it as a 'non-negotiable', rather than a just a suggestion. 
So I began thinking about this in relation to us, and how we think. Then I started thinking about how I think. For example, is my expectation for the miraculous simply a suggestion to myself? Or is it a non-negotiable?
What are you hoping for at the moment? What are you expecting? Is your expectation a non-negotiable, believing things are "actually going to happen'? I want my faith to be a strong and unwavering as a simple road sign. But this only happens as we constantly listen for God's still, small voice... 
...and wait expectantly like little kids for His surprises.
And guess what... He has some amaaaaazing ones for you today!
 That's right, something amazing is going to happen to you today! 
God is waiting to surprise you. :)

~ Happy Monday ~

love nat xx

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