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Inspired By :: { Jen Ramos of MadeByGirl }

Hello everyone, how are you all?! I have been a little busy this past week working on a few different projects, but I am back today to inspire you! Continuing on with my series Inspired By :: today I am thrilled to feature Jen Ramos of MadeByGirl. I actually met Jen in New York when I was there in August, and let me tell you, even after just five minutes of conversation I was totally inspired by her. :) Her blog and story have been such a blessing to me, and this post is full of wonderful pics of her home, her office space and her beautiful artwork and designs. I love these cards below.
So friends, it's my privilege to introduce to you the uber-talented and creative, Jen Ramos.
Jen, you own MadeByGirl shop, the fabulously creative and inspirational blog of the same name, as well as Cocoa and Hearts where your beautiful artwork is available; tell us about them... Which came first and how did you start? 

In 2007 , I started MadeByGirl, then in 2011 I launched my paintings on Cocoa & Hearts. I began MBG because of my desire to run my own business and not have to work for someone else. I've always felt I had an entrepreneurial spirit, and I was motivated to make things happen. However, launching Cocoa & Hearts was for another reason all together, which I hope to talk about one day. But it was very unexpected and such a blessing to see that it did so well. 
You have such fabulous style, who and what inspires you? 

I'm inspired by all things fashion. I love home d├ęcor books, fashion sites, and 
shopping. New trends are very inspiring as well. My life experiences have also 
been quite inspirational.
I am sure every day is different, but tell us what a typical work day looks like for you? How many hours a day do you spend on the blog and business? 

Everyday is definitely different. I usually take care of my dog's needs first in the morning, then get to my desk & start responding to emails for at least an hour. Most days I'm working on marketing or sourcing new ideas for blog posts as well as shooting and ordering new product etc. I also spend time painting commissions for clients which can take up to a few hours of my time. I also attend events and meetings with clients every so often. 
What's your favourite creative project on at the moment? 

The current project I am working on with West Elm, where I styled a Holiday hot chocolate & dessert table for two! I shot and styled the whole thing, which was very challenging because I'm not really the entertaining type, but it is similar to decorating so I can still be creative, and that's why I enjoy it.
** Here are the details... guys if you're in NYC check it out!
Your blog content is so diverse and creative, what inspires you? Do you have a schedule for the content, or do you just post what is inspiring you each day? 

Its not very often that I schedule posts, because I prefer to add whatever I feel fits that day. Im inspired by all kinds of things as I mentioned above.
How has your faith in God helped you on your creative journey?

It has helped me to feel more confident of the gifts God has placed into my life. When I paint – I no longer think "Oh, will someone like this? Maybe not?" - My thoughts are more positive and my faith has allowed me to understand how God has a hand in all this that I do. 
You're partnering with amazing women all over NYC, one of them is the fabulous  Lynette Lewis. You'll be speaking at her "Love Your Life" event this coming Monday 4th November. Tell us about that event and why you chose to speak there? 

My friend Ashlina from The Decorista was the one who introduced me to Lynette & then Lynette asked me to speak at this event on Nov 4th. The event is about inspiring & empowering women, and I will be there telling my story. 
The Writer's Ink readers are women and men who love being inspired and encouraged to be everything God has called them to be. What are your top three pieces of advice to those taking a leap of faith (which may be slightly scary!) to follow the dreams God's placed in their hearts? 

I love how you said, to follow the dreams God's placed in their hearts. That is how I felt when I started painting….even though at the time, I was scared & unsure, I would learn later that God was showing me I could rely on Him.  I feel people need to sometimes have faith & sometime know that what we are good at, may just be part of our purpose. 
What did you want to be when you were a little girl? How do you think the dreams we have as kids affect our purpose? 

I wanted to be an artist.  In fact my parents also wanted me to be an artist, because they were so amazed by how I could draw pretty much anything with ease. I think our childhood dreams affect our purpose because it is then that we start to realize and discover what we are good at…what God has gifted us with. 
You attend a great church, Liberty Church Soho, are you involved there at all? 

I don't think I've fully understood my place yet, 
but I do volunteer and enjoy any time I get doing outreach serving.
Okay, you have unlimited finances and unlimited time; what are the Top 5 Dreams you would love to see come to pass?

A family, a townhouse here in NYC, more traveling, helping others financially with their own dreams, helping my parents & perhaps even starting my own ministry? Hmmmm ...
Jen, thank you so much for giving up your time to answer my 
questions and for sharing a little snippet of your story with us! 
We love you! xx  
Friends I hope you have been inspired today. How amazing is she!! Let's be encouraged by Jen - it's time to stir up the creativity! It's never too late to begin something new, so if you have a creative dream in your heart then just go for it! You have permission to DREAM! 

Happy Friday friends!

love nat x

All images by Jen Ramos  
(Except image 7 by Lynette Lewis)


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    1. Thank you SO much Jen! My heart is so blessed to have been able to share part of your story with everyone... I think there may have to be a part 2 as I am sure there is so much more we can be inspired with :)
      Have a beautiful day and give New York my love!
      Love Nat Xxx


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