Thursday, 9 August 2012

Book Sneak Peek :: Montmartre, Paris

Take a stroll with me around the beautiful streets of Montmartre, Paris.

"Place do Tertre" is in full force today with artists from around the globe painting masterpieces.

Look at the Sacre Coeur in the background, beautifully overlooking this scene. I've been working on my book the last few days, squeezing in writing sessions in random cafes around Melbourne on my way to and from different places. Yesterday I made a few last minute touches on the Paris chapter. And tomorrow, this chapter shall be complete! Woo!!

It's hilarious, I honestly feel like I have been to Paris these past few weeks after all my research, searching and reminding myself of places on Google Maps.. they have sparked such wonderful memories I had forgotten!
I thought you might like a little sneaky peek into some things I've been busy writing about!

Excerpt from "2 Hours on an Aeroplane"

Easels and paintbrushes filled nearby Place do Tertre as artists worked passionately, painting portraits and creating memories for tourists from all around the world. It’s in these places you really stop and notice that travelling is such an incredible gift. There you are, standing in a tiny street on the other side of the world, and there surrounding you are hundreds and thousands of other people who, just like you, have spent months planning to be there in that very moment. Like you, they have spent hours upon hours, working out hundreds of details, travelling thousands of miles, to experience the magic of a new city and to be awakened by the incomparable beauty of another culture.

Travelling is a life essential. If you have never travelled, let me implore you, you simply must! It will change you. It will inspire you. It will stir up passion within you and will awaken things inside you that you didn’t even know were there.
Anyway I have a few more paragraphs to write on Paris, and then I'll be moving onto the next travel destination. Possibly Venice... Hmmm, or Barcelona...?

Or maybe Nice! He he :)

Happy Thursday friends!

nat x

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