Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Interior Love :: Island House, South Florida

Hi there friends :) Well after asking some of you what you would like to see on the blog today, and the majority said "Interiors" or "Travel" - so this is a combination! How do you like this incredible beach house in South Florida?
Stun-ning huh?! And this little pool is just in case the beach was a little too far..
Open plan beachiness + palm leaves + star fish wall art + whitewashed walls. My kinda house.
Really like the exposed beams. And look at that curved stainless steel sink!
Floorboards continue throughout the house..
360 degree uninterrupted views.. And I guess you wouldn't really need to keep the music down at night would you..?
Quiet spot for an afternoon cuppa after a nice long walk along the beach.
I can just imagine many a balmy evening spent out here on this deck.. candlelight.. BBQ cooking away.. funky tunes playing.. great friends and great conversation.. sea breeze blowing and the calm holiday soundtrack of waves crashing in the background. 

I hope you enjoyed this mini-break whilst sitting at your desk or at home.. have a fab day ahead!

nat x 

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